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Faculty Profiles

Martinez- Vogt, Emily

Doctor of Business Administration Program Chair and Assistant Professor of Management, Bisk College of Business

Educational Background

University of Rochester; Rochester, NY
May 2014. Doctor of Philosophy, Higher Education Leadership

St. John Fisher College; Rochester, NY
May 2007. Master of Science, Organizational Learning and Human Resource Development
May 2003. Bachelor of Arts, English Literature with Sociology Minor

Monroe Community College; Rochester, NY
December 2001. Associates in Science, Liberal Arts-General Studies

Current Courses

MGT 6000     Doctor of business Adminsitration Introduction and Orientation 

MGT 6990     Research Methods 1 - Qualitative 

MGT 6991     Research Methods 2 - Qualitative 

MGT 6999     Dissertation 

MGT 5015     Organizational Planning and Development

Previously Taught Courses at Florida Tech

MGT 6002     Organizational Behavior, Ethics and Leadership 

MGT 6003     Human Resources Management in Modern Business 

EMG 3331     Management of Human Resources 

EMG 3325     Public Administration                                                                   

EMG 4412     Organizational and Behavior Development                                 

Professional Experience

Doctor of Business Administration Program Chair and Faculty
and Assistant Professor of Management, 2015 to present
Nathan M. Bisk College of Business, Florida Institute of Technology

Adjunct Faculty, 2011 to 2015
Nathan M. Bisk College of Business, Florida Institute of Technology

Instructor, 2011 to 2012
Rochester Scholars Program, University of Rochester

Graduate Assistant, 2008 to 2009
Admissions, University of Rochester - Margaret Warner School of Education

Program Implementation Manager, 2006 to 2007
Geriatric Management, BlueCross BlueShield

EMBA Program Services Coordinator, 2004 to 2006
School of Business, St. John Fisher College

Wellness Center Coordinator, 2003 to 2003
Health Services, St. John Fisher College

Career Services Student Advisor, 2003 to 2004
Career Center, St. John Fisher College

Selected Publications

Vogt, E. (2017). Narratives lost in the box: The trichotomy of Latina student identity transition stages as a result of mass media and on-campus stereotyping. Research in Higher Education Journal 32 (1-15). 

Newsom, K. & Vogt, E. (2016). A conceptual discussion of ageism as a mechanism of discrimination in the workplace. International Journal of Management & Organizational Studies, 5(2) 58-65.

Grant, R. & Vogt, E. (2015). Human Resources Management: Self-Efficacy as a determinant of information technology effectiveness. International Journal of Management and Organizational Studies, 4(4), 153-162.

Vogt, E. (2015). Hearing the silence: Acknowledging the voices of my Latina sisters. Research in Higher Education Journal, 28, 1-16.

Kiyama, J.M. & Harris, D.M. with Ares, N., Dache-Gerbino, A., Quinones, S., Smalls, M.M., Soler, A. & Vogt, E.M. (2010). School Experiences of Latina/o Students: A Community-Based Study of Resources, Challenges, and Successes, Part I. Rochester, NY: Ibero-American Action League.

Martinez-Vogt, Emily, "The Effectiveness of a Training and Developmental Program: The Ins and Outs of What Makes Effective Training Happen" (2007). Education Masters. Paper 143.

Work in Progress

Martinez-Vogt, E. - Supporting African American Students Transitioning to a Doctoral Program: A Case Study Identifying the Factors Promoting Academic Success

Martinez-Vogt. E. - People of Color Transitioning to Roles of Authority in Higher Education

Martinez-Vogt, E. - The Brown Connection: A Conceptual Discussion on Access to Latinos in Higher Education since the 1954 Historic Legal Case

Dissertation Research - Service

Major Advisor

Bridwell, J. (anticipated 2019). Navigating the Glass Ladder: A Qualitative Exploration of the Challenges Women Leaders Experience Throughout the Process of Promotion in the Manufacturing Industry (doctoral dissertation..

Phipps, C. (anticipated 2019). Identifying success factors of leadership figures in an autocratic

organization: A comparative analysis of mid-level and upper-level leaders (doctoral dissertation).

Welch, K. (2018). Understanding Department of Defense Employee Perceptions of Performance Appraisals: Making a Connection Between Performance Appraisals and Employee Engagement (Doctoral dissertation).

Sumner, W. (2018). Spirituality as a Human Resource Attribute to Facilitate

Employee Engagement and Retention (Doctoral dissertation).

Schaefer, C. (2017). Factors contributing to millennial turnover rates in department of defense organizations (Doctoral dissertation).

Committee Member

Knerly, V. (2018). Exploring Person-Organization Fit and Gender Bias in the Hiring Process of Engineering Firms: Is Selection Impacted? (Doctoral dissertation).

Torrech, J. (2018).  The Role of Human Capital and Innovative Entrepreneurship in Developing Countries (Doctoral dissertation).

Hobbs, H. (2017). A qualitative study of millennials in the workplace: Gaining their long-term employment in news media firms in North Alabama (Doctoral dissertation).

Grant, R. (2017). Exploring effects of organizational culture upon implementation of information security awareness and training programs within the defense industry located in the Tennessee Valley Region (Doctoral dissertation).

Newsom, K. (2017). Business practices which have the greatest influence on retention as it relates to wired boomers in the aerospace industry in Huntsville, Alabama (Doctoral dissertation).

Park, M. (2017). The impact of a millennial business leader’s emotional intelligence on turnover in the multigenerational sales occupational field (Doctoral dissertation).