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Faculty Profiles

Yang, Feng

Research Associate Professor, Biomedical and Chemical Engineering and Sciences

Educational Background

B.S., Jilin University, 1994

M.S., Chinese Academy of Sciences, Institute of Chemistry, 1997

Ph.D., Florida Institute of Technology, Department of Chemistry, 2001

Professional Experience

2012-current, Research Associate Professor, Florida Institute of Technology

2007-2011, Senior Scientist (research faculty), Florida Institute of Technology.

2004-2007, Research Scientist (research faculty), Florida Institute of Technology.

2001-2004, Research Associate, Florida Institute of Technology.

Current Research

Dr. Yang’s current research focuses on formulation of flame retardant materials for engineering plastics, including flame retardant nanocomposites and polyurethane (rigid and flexible) foams. His work on flame retardant materials involves collaborations with Chestnut Ridge Foam since 2001. He has taken part in multiple NASA projects since 2004, including flammability evaluation of spacecraft insulation materials, development of a new class of boron‐based flame retardant additives, and research on flame retardant nanocomposites (in collaboration with the NASA Materials Group at Kennedy Space Center). He is the PI of RI in an ongoing NAVY STTR #N11A‐T014 award through a Technova subcontract, now in Phase II. Dr. Yang’s work has verified the merits of organic‐inorganic hybrids towards development of flame‐resistant polymers. He has developed refined polymer chemistries embodying nanomaterials and fire retardants to meet the criteria of regulatory tests like UL‐94 and DIN. This work has demonstrated that synergistic effects of flame retardants and nanomaterials can greatly impact the performance of current flame retardant materials. The resulting materials require less flame retardant to meet flammability requirements, without sacrificing critical physical properties such as mechanical performance and thermal stability (avoiding the setbacks associated with the use of flame retardant additives alone). These refined polymer systems offer important economic and sustainability benefits. Dr. Yang is well known for his work on flame retardant polymeric materials, and have made key contributions towards the formulation and evaluation of flexible polyurethane foams with desirable thermal insulation and energy absorption properties. Dr. Yang has published over 60 publications in polymeric materials, and work has been cited more than 800 times.

Selected Publications

Selected Publications:

Feng Yang, “Fire retardant carbon fibre-reinforced thermoset composites”, in Novel fire retardant polymers and composite materials - Technological advances and commercial applications, ELSEVIER, Chapter 17, invited author, chapter plan accepted, in progress.

Feng Yang, Gordon L. Nelson, “Halogen Free Flame Retardant Flexible Polyurethane Foams via a Combined Effect of Flame Retardants,” in Fire and Polymers VI, Edited by Alexander B. Morgan, Charles A. Wilkie and Gordon L. Nelson, ACS Symposium Series 1118, Chapter 10, 139-150.

Feng Yang, Gordon L. Nelson, “Comprehensive Evaluation of Unreacted Flame Retardants in Printed Circuit Boards”, 26th Annual Recent Advances in Flame Retardancy of Polymeric Materials, Stamford Downtown, CT, 2015 

Feng Yang and Gordon L. Nelson, “Combination effect of nanoparticles with flame retardants on the flammability of nanocomposites”,Polymer Degradation and Stability, 96(3), 270-276. 2011.

F. Yang; I. Bogdanova; G. L. Nelson, “Impact of the Chemical Composition of Nanofillers on the Flammability of Polymer Nanocomposites”, Polym. Adv. Tech., 19, 602-608, 2008.

Feng Yang and Gordon L. Nelson, “Polymer/Silica Nanocomposites Prepared via Extrusion,” Polymers for Advanced Technology, 17, 320-326, 2006.

Feng Yang, Ria Yngard and Gordon L. Nelson, “Flammability of Polymer-Clay and Polymer-Silica Nanocomposites,” Journal of Fire Sciences, 23 (3), 209-226, 2005.

Yuchun Ou, Feng Yang and Zhongzhen Yu, “A New Conception on the Toughness of Nylon 6/Silica Nanocomposites Prepared via IN-Situ Polymerization,” J. Polym. Sci. Part B: Polym. Phys., Vol.36, 789-795, 1998.

Feng Yang, Yuchun Ou and Zhongzhen Yu, “Polyamide 6/Silica Nanocomposites Prepared by IN-Situ Polymerization,” Journal of Applied Polymer Science, Vol.69, 355-361, 1998.

Yuchun Ou, Feng Yang and Jin Chen, “Interfacial Interaction and Mechanical Properties of Nylon 6-Potassium Titanate Composites Prepared By IN-Situ Polymerization,” Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 2317-2322, 1997.