Faculty Profiles

Shaykhian, Gholam

Adjunct Professor
Computer Engineering and Sciences

Personal Overview

Professional Memberships:
Senior Member of Institute of Electrical & Electronic Engineering (IEEE).

Education Chair and Vice-Chair, IEEE Canaveral Section.

Professional Member of American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE).
Member of ASEE, Minorities in Engineering Division (MIND).

Program Chair, ASEE Minorities in Engineering Division.

Member of ASEE, Computer Engineering Section.

Member of ASEE, Information Systems Section.

Life-time member of Tau Alpha PI, National Engineering Technology Honor Society.

Special Recognition to Gholam Ali Shaykhian (2003-2005 Fellow). For exemplary performance in the NASA Administrator's Fellowship Program. Dated July 26, 2005, signed by: Michael D. Griffin, NASA Administrator and Adena Williams Loston, Ph.D., NASA Chief Education Officer.

Space Flight Awareness (SFA) Honoree, National Aeronautics and Space Administration, John F. Kennedy Space Center. This award is given each year to only small number of people working in space program, April 23, 2002.

Certificate of Appreciation, National Aeronautics and Space Administration, John F. Kennedy Space Center, presents this certificate to Ali Shaykhian, For developing, conducting, and mentoring CLCS Real-time Control Application Software developers in the C++ programming language and the Common Object Request Broker Architecture communication interface and for providing valuable help with the design and implementation of quality application software for the Cryogenics IPT. Signed by: Roy D. Bridges, Director, John F. Kennedy Space Center, September 1999.

Educational Background

Ph.D. Operations Research Florida Institute of Technology 2007
Master of Science in Operations Research University of Central Florida 1997
Master of Science in Computer Systems University of Central Florida 1986
Bachelor of Science in Electronics Engineering Technology University of Central Florida 1982

Professional Experience

Software Engineer, NASA/KSC, Integrated Ground Command & Data Systems Branch, Shuttle Processing Directorate (2000 through present).

NAFP Fellow, NASA AdministratorÂ’s Fellowship Program, serving at Bethune Cookman College (from June 2003 through June 2005)

Member of Technical Staff, Dynacs Engineering Inc./ KSC. Checkout and Launch Control System (CLCS) Application Software (1998-2000)

Senior Engineer/Engineer III Consultant, EG&G Florida Inc., KSC. (1987-1998)

Assistant Professor & Coordinator of Information Systems Engineering
Technology program, College of Engineering, University of Central Florida (1985-1995).

Current Research

Genetic Algorithm- Preprocessing.

Design patterns, software modeling, and object-oriented methodologies (complete software life cycle).

Selected Publications

" Implementation of Business policies using object-oriented methodologies and design patterns, Proceedings of the 2005 ASEE.

With Knowles, Knowles & Jackson-Hittle NAFP Fellowship Program, Proceedings of the 2005 ASEE.

Utilization of Engineering Technology Graduates, 1990 ASEE College-Industry proceeding.

With Lee, A Microcomputer Application in Engineering Anthropometry, 1989 11th Conference for Computers and Industrial Engineering Proceeding.

Successful Industrial Experience via Student/Industry Projects, 1988 ASEE proceeding.

Getting Returning Students Up to Speed with CAI, 1987 ASEE proceeding.

An International Student Studies Technology, 1987 ASEE proceeding.

Viewpoints of an International Student, 1987 Spring Edition Engineering Technology Division Newsletter.

Computer Aided Supplement for Calculus Review, 1986, UCF Library.