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Faculty Profiles

Silver, Isaac

Associate Dean of Flight Operations/Deputy Executive Director of FIT Aviation LLC, College of Aeronautics

Educational Background

Ph.D. Space Sciences, Florida Institute of Technology

B.S. Astronomy and Astrophysics, Florida Institute of Technology

Current Courses

AVT 1001,1002,1111,1112,1200,3101

AVS 2101

AVM 5106

Professional Experience

Airline Transport Pilot-Airplane Multi Engine Land

Commercial Pilot-Airplane Single Engine Land and Sea

Gold Seal Flight Instructor-Single and Multi Engine, Instrument Airplane

Ground Instructor-Advanced

DA-10,DA-20, DA-50/900, L-1329, BE-350, BE-400, IAI-1124, Learjet(24/25/31/35), L39

17,500 hours flight time with more than 4,000 hours as an instructor

Current Research

Aircraft Performance Modeling, Advanced Flight Display Technology, Flight Data Visulization, Computational fluid dynamics, astrophysical fluid dynamics, mass flows in semi detached binary stars, astrodynamics, computer modelling using massively parallel computers and GPUs.

Selected Publications

Kish, B., et al. (includes Silver, I.) 2018. Stall Characteristics and Trime Changes of Six General Aviation Aircraft. AIAA, submitted.

Silver, I.M.2013. Numerical Simulations of Direct impact Accretion Proccesses in Short Period Algol Type Binaries. ProQuest/UMI, 3577741.

Vauclair, G., et al. (includes Silver, I.) 2012. Period and Amplitude Changes in the GW Vir Variable Star PG 0122+ 200: Evidence for Resonant Coupling. ASPC, 462, 160.

Vauclair, G. et al. (includes Silver, I.) 2011. The period and amplitude changes in the coolest GW Virginis variable star (PG 1159-type) PG 0122+ 200. A&A, 528, A5.

Baez, W., Wood, M., Silver, I. 2010. Preliminary Results from a Hydrodynamic Simulation of the Direct Impact (DI) Accretion Model with PLUTO. JSARA,4, 42.

Dolence, J., Wood, M.A., & Silver, I.M. 2008. SPH Simulations of Direct Impact Accretion in the Ultracompact AM CVn Binaries. In The Astrophysical Journal. IOP.

Vaccaro, T., Silver, I.M., Kawka, A., Vennes, S., Nemeth, P. & R.E. Wilson. 2007. The Enigmatic Light Curve of the Eclipsin Binary FF Aqr and the Nature of its Hot Star. In BAAS.

Vaccaro, T. Rudkin, M., Kawka, A. Vennes, S., Oswalt, T.D., Silver, I.M., Wood, M.A. & J. Smith. 2007. LP 133-373: A New Chromospherically Active Eclipsing DMe binary with a Distance White Dwarf Companion. In The Astrophysical Journal. IOP.

Hynes, R. et al. (includes Silver, I.) 2007. Further evidence for variable synchrotron emission in XTE J1118+ 480 in outburst. Ap.J., 651,1,401

Silver, I.M., Wood, M.A. & T.L. Blackwell. 2005. New Delta Scuit Stars Selected from the HIPPARCOS Survey Data. In IAPPP.

Blackwell, T.L., Wood, M.A. & I.M. Silver. 2005.  Iraf vs MaximDL: An Efficiency Comparison Test. In IAPPP.

Selected Presentations and Seminars:

Silver, I.M. 2015. NextGEN and ADS-B: Current Slutions for GA.

Silver, I.M. 2011. Astrophysical Numerical MHD Using Massively Parallel Computing Technology.

Silver, I.M., W. Toy. 2008. A New O-Ring Cross Section for High Delta-P Applications.

Silver, I.M. 2008. Satellite Communications in the Modern Cockpit.

Silver, I.M. 2008. Satcom Datalink: Modern FMS, FANS, CPDLC and ADS-C.

Silver, I.M. 2008. North Atlantic Operations: MNPS, NATS, FANS, CPDLC and ADS-C.

Silver, I.M. 2007. Challenges and Risks of Owner Operated Turbojet Aircraft. Safety Seminar.

Silver, I.M. 2003. Safe and Effective Multi Engine Flight Instruction. Safety Seminar.

Silver, I.M. 2002. Managing High Performance Turbo Charged Piston Aircraft Engines. Safety Seminar.