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Faculty Profiles

Faculty Profiles

Cain, John

Associate Professor and Assistant Dean for Online Learnng, College of Aeronautics

Dr. John Cain is a key College of Aeronautics professor and administrator.

Personal Overview

Successful higher education professor and administrator. Successful leader in world-wide aviation operations and aviation management. Twenty-two years experience teaching undergraduate and graduate courses in a doctoral university’s campus and international aeronautical science and aviation management programs. Sixteen years experience as Dean (acting), Associate Dean, and Program Chair, managing the College of Aeronautics and developing curriculum for a Aviation Accreditation Board International (AABI)-accredited, Federal Aviation Administration-approved aeronautical science and aviation management programs. Strong in computer applications and instructional technology.

Educational Background

B.S. Auburn University
M.S. University of Northern Colorado
Ph.D. Florida Institute of Technology

Recognition & Awards

Faculty Excellence Award College of Aeronautics

Selected for NASA’s prestigious Doctoral Intern Program at the Center for Educational Technologies, Classroom of the Future, Wheeling-Jesuit University.

NASA Faculty Fellowship

Air Transport Pilot

Advanced Ground Instructor

Instrument Ground Instructor

Current Courses

AVM 5302 Aviation Accident Investigation

AVM 4201 Advanced Aviation Computer Applications

AVT 5000 Airspace Safety

AVT 4302 Air Traffic Control 2

AVT 3999 Aviation Research

AVS 2102 Aerodynamics

AVT 1112 Aeronautics 2 (Instrument Ground School)

AVT 2111 Aeronautics 3 (Commercial Pilot Ground School)

Professional Experience

Dr. Cain is a professor of aeronautical science and aviation management. He has over 50 years in aviation, including extensive, worldwide flying, educational, and managerial experience. He is an FAA Air Transport Pilot and a U.S. Air Force Command Pilot with more than 4,000 hours of flying time in 19 different civil and military aircraft, predominately high-performance jet aircraft. He was an instructor pilot at the U.S. Air Force Top Gun school and has more than 18 years of experience developing curriculum and instructing aviation science and aviation management academics. Dr. Cain has also been a senior manager in aviation positions responsible for policy formulation, training, scheduling, dispatching, evaluation and safety.

Additional Duties

Online Graduate Program Adviser

Air Traffic Control Program Manager (past)

Chair, CoA Graduate Committee (past)

Chair, CoA Curriculum Committee (past)

Dean (acting)(past)

Associate Dean (past)

Aviation Studies Division Director (past)

Undergraduate Program Chair (past)

Aeronautical Science Program Chair (past)

Current Research

Airport noise modeling

Selected Publications

Cain, J. H. (1999). Simulation-based learning ...: A case study at NASA's Classroom of the Future (Doctoral dissertation, Florida Institute of Technology, 1999). Dissertation Abstracts International, 61 (01A), 142.

Cain, J. H. (2000). Best Practices in Instructional Technology. Presentation at Instructional Technology Workshop, Florida Institute of Technology, Melbourne, FL.

Cain, J. H. (1997). Assessment Alternatives. Presentation at Teachers Workshop, Center for Educational Technologies, NASAs Classroom of the Future, Wheeling-Jesuit University, WV.

Wilt, D. F., Shea, M. W., & Cain, J. H. (in press). PCATD uses beyond the IFR trainer: An innovative method for learning. Proceedings of the 3rd NAFI Flight Instructor Conference. Oshkosh, WI.

Published employment concepts, instructional materials, and manuals for world-wide, military distribution on jet aircraft systems, maximum performance maneuvering, and advanced aircraft applications.

Published two military aircraft accident reports.