Faculty Profiles

Campbell, Jared

Head of Information Technology for Evans Library
Online Learning

Jared Campbell is the Head of Information Technology for Evans Library at Florida Tech. He responsible for motivating a team of excellent system administrators, coders, analysts, and lab managers to help the Evans Library and the rest of Florida Tech remain a top tier university.  Jared is also a member of the Florida Institute of Technology's Teaching Council and produces videos and podcasts about the pedagological methods of our world class instructors. He received his Master's degree in Computer Information Systems from Florida Tech and is currently persuing a Ph.D in Science Education with a focus on educational technology. He has been an award winning instructor of science and technology since 2001. While teaching at the secondary level, he achieved the prestigious National Board Certification, Teacher of the Year, Exemplary Science Teacher, and even participated in the Zero-G weightless flights of discovery. His years of teaching chemistry, science research, and technology give him  a unique perspective on how to use technology to maximize learning and productivity.  In the real world, he performs wacky original music in Oranga Tanga.