Faculty Profiles

Kozaitis, Samuel

Computer Engineering and Sciences

Educational Background

B.S. Wayne State University 1982
M.S. Wayne State University 1983
Ph.D. Wayne State University 1986

Professional Experience

Dr. Kozaitis is currently a professor and Department Head in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. He worked for General Motors Research Laboratory, Wayne State University, and Digital Optics Inc. before coming to Florida Tech. From 1988 - 1997, he spent summers at the U.S. Air Force Photonics Center at Rome Laboratory performing research on optical processing. He also spent the summers of 2000 and 2001 at NASA, Kennedy Space Center, FL developing the groundwork for tracking launch vehicles with satellites. He is on the program committee of the Technical Committee on Pattern Recognition of IASTED, the advisory board of Journal of Engineering Research, the editorial board of Journal of Signal and Image Processing, and the board of trustees of the Kurdistan University of Science and Technology. He served as chairman of SPIE and IASTED conferences and as a reviewer for a wide variety of journals, books, conferences, and research programs. He is a member of IEEE, Sigma Xi, SPIE, and Tau Beta Pi and received the outstanding faculty service award at Wayne State University.

Current Research

Colorization of night-vison imagery

Selected Publications

A. Shuqair, and S. P. Kozaitis, “Block-matching Twitter data for traffic analysis,” in The 2nd International Conference on Advances in Big Data Analytics, ABDA ‘15, part of WORLDCOMP 2015, Las Vegas, NV, 155-159 (2015).

E. A. Ali, and S. P. Kozaitis, “Near real-time operation of public image database for ground vehicle navigation,” in Real-Time Image and Video Processing 2015, Proc. SPIE 9400, paper 31 (2015).

S. P. Kozaitis, and W. Petsuwan, “Improved anomaly detection using block-matching denoising,” Computer Communications 35. 875-884 (2012), DOI:10.1016/ j.comcom.2012.01.019

S. P. Kozaitis, J. Mehta, and S. Ponkia, "Denoising computed tomography imagery using a novel framework", Optical Engineering 50, 127007 (2011),