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Faculty Profiles

O'Connor, Terrence

Assistant Professor, Computer Engineering and Sciences Program Chair, Cybersecurity, College of Engineering and Science , Computer Engineering and Sciences

Educational Background:

Ph.D., Computer Science, NC State University, 2019

M.S., Computer Science, NC State University, 2008

B.S., Computer Science, US Military Academy at West Point, 1999



Dr. O’Connor’s research has centered on computer security with an emphasis on information security education, wireless security, software-defined networking, internet-of-things security, and machine learning approaches for security. He has authored a book in the area and published his research in the proceedings of several academic conferences. His latest work investigated sensor blinding and state confusion attacks against smart-home internet-of-things devices. Dr. O’Connor served 20 years as an Army Officer, retiring in 2019 at the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. His service included an academic appointment to the Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Department at the US Military Academy and four assignments in support of the Special Forces, from the tactical level in Afghanistan and culminated as the Chief Information Officer for the 1st Special Forces Command Headquarters. Dr. O’Connor is active in cyber security competitions, winning the National Defense University Cyber Competition, setting the high score for the SANS Netwars tournament, co-coaching two winning teams at the NSA’s Cyber Defense Competition, and leading the Red Team efforts for the Southeast Regional Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition.


Current Research

  • Information security education
  • Software-defined networking
  • Internet-of-things security and privacy
  • Machine learning approaches for security


Selected Publications

1. TJ OConnor, William Enck, and Bradley Reaves. Blinded and Confused: Uncovering Systemic Flaws in Device Telemetry for Smart-Home Internet of Things, Proceedings of the ACM Conference on Security and Privacy in Wireless and Mobile Networks (WiSec), May, 2019. Miami, FL.

2. TJ OConnor, Reham Mohamed, Markus Miettinen, William Enck, Bradley Reaves, and Ahmad-Reza Sadeghi. HomeSnitch: Behavior Transparency and Control for Smart Home IoT Devices, Proceedings of the ACM Conference on Security and Privacy in Wireless and Mobile Networks (WiSec), May, 2019. Miami, FL.

3. O'Connor, T.J., Enck. W, Petullo W.M, and Verma A, "PivotWall: SDN-Based Information Flow Control", SoSR 2018, Symposium on SDN Research, March 2018.

4. O'Connor, T.J., and Enck. W, "Code-Stop: Code-Reuse Prevention by Context-Aware Traffic Proxying" ICIMP 2016, The Eleventh International Conference on Internet Monitoring and Protection, May 2016.​

5. Fanelli, R., and O’Connor, T.J., “Experiences with Practice-Focused Undergraduate Security Education”, 3rd Workshop on Cyber Security Experimentation and Test, USENIX, August 2010.

6. O’Connor, T.J., and Sangster, B., “honeyM: A Framework for Implementing Virtual Honeyclients for Mobile Devices,” WISEC 2010 Conference Proceedings, 2010 ACM Conference on Wireless Network Security, March 2010.

​7. Sangster, B., O’Connor T.J., Cook, T., Fanelli, R., Dean, E., Adams, W., Morrell, C., and Conti, G., “Toward Instrumenting Network Warfare Competitions to Generate Labeled Datasets,” 2nd Workshop on Cyber Security Experimentation and Test, USENIX, August 2009.

​8. O’Connor, T.J., and Reeves, D., “Bluetooth Network-Based Misuse Detection,” ACSAC 2008 Conference Proceedings, pp. 377–391, 2008 Annual Computer Security Applications Conference, December 2008.