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Faculty Profiles

Caballero-Nieves, Saida

Assistant Professor, Aerospace, Physics and Space Sciences

Educational Background

Ph. D. in Astronomy, Georgia State University, 2012
M.S. in Physics (Concentration in Astronomy), Georgia State University, 2007
B.S. in Astronomy & Astrophysics, Physics, and History, University of Michigan, 2005

Current Courses

SPS 2010 - Observational Astronomy

SPS 4110 - Senior Lab

Previous Courses

SPS 1020 - Introduction to Space Science

SPS 2010 - Observational Astronomy

SPS 4010 - Introduction to Stellar Structure & Evolution

SPS 5010 - Stellar Structure & Evolution

Professional Experience

Postdoctoral Research Assistant, University of Sheffield (2012-2016)

Previous Students

Kyle Johnston, Ph.D. in Space Science, 2019

Cori Fletcher, Ph.D. in Space Science, 2018

Trisha Doyle, Ph.D in Space Science, 2017

Additional Duties

Director, Olin Observatory

Faculty Advisor Student Astronomical Society

James Webb Space Telescope User Committee

CUR Councilor

SARA Board member


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