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Faculty Profiles

Benjamin, Scott

Assistant Professor, Strategic Management & Entrepreneurship, Director for the Center for Entrepreneurship and New Business, Bisk College of Business

Greetings and salutations from Dr. Scott Benjamin.  

Welcome to FIT and to my personal profile page.  I am what you might call a serial entrepreneur turned academic.  After receiving my bachelor's degree from the University of Miami, I began working in the restaurant business.  Having put in 5 years with Domino's Pizza as a manager, I was ready to make a go of it on my own.  I opened up two restaurants and worked endless hours to live out my dream.  In 2001, I decided to get a Masters of Business Administration from the University of Maryland.  This led me to launching a medical consulting and education company ( which trains cardiologists around the country.  I still operate the products division of this company 15 years later.

In 2001, I also launched Signature Properties with two other MBA grads.  We enjoyed a fantastic run developing and investing in real estate in Baltimore, Maryland.  I even wrote a book about it to document the journey ( As the market collapsed in 2006, I decided to chase another dream - becoming a college professor.  I returned to the University of Maryland for my PhD which I received in 2011 in the disciplines of Strategic Management and Entrepreneurship with a minor in Psychology.

I am in my fourth year of teaching at Florida Tech and absolutely love working with the students in order to give them the foundational skills in order to bring value to their future employers by critically thinking, thinking outside of the proverbial "box" and innovating/executing novel business models.

At Florida Tech, I teach both strategy and entrepreneurship to senior level business students.  I am the faculty advisor of the student investment club (and we continually beat the S&P 500 by managing our University funded account) and am actively working with the Student Business Incubator - where we launch some pretty cool companies.

I look forward to hearing from you and speaking to you as you begin the journey into your college careers.

Best regards,

Scott "Doc" Benjamin 

Personal Overview

20 year entrepreneurial veteran.

Over 7 startup ventures.

Most recently a real estate developer of multifamily, residential and office projects.

Angel investor to startup ventures.

Educational Background

Ph.D. University of Maryland, 2012 - Strategic Management & Entrepreneurship

M.B.A. University of Maryland, 2001 - Business Management

B.B.A. University of Miami, 1991 - Entrepreneurship & Real Estate

Recognition & Awards

Fellow for Aspen Institute Beyond Pinstripes Program

Florida's Top MBA Professor by Florida Trend Magazine - 2013


Current Courses

BUS 4702 - Strategic Management and Business Policies (Capstone Class): Did you ever wonder how business models evolve? Think about companies like Uber, AirBnB and Facebook.  How about the difficulty firms face with the constantly evolving competitive landscape?  Why do some firms have a competitive advantage over others?  This class investigates strategies implemented across industries resulting in how firms create sustainable competitive advantages in the marketplace.  Topics such cost leadership and product differentiation, vertical integration and value chain analysis all work together to create a strategy for firm's success.

BUS 4788 - Business Plan Research:  This class takes a radically innovative approach to developing business plans.  We know Business plans play an integral part in creating a foundation for entrepreneurial success; however, we tend to write them as static documents filled with conjecture and predictions.  This class takes a dynamic approach to identifying a market first and then developing the product or service next.  Instead of the tradition "product looking for a market" - we tackle the market first and then satisfy that need by developing the product.  Utilizing the Lean Launchpad Methodology blended with traditional business plan development, this class is a highly interactive, thought provoking experience. 

Professional Experience

I have over 20 years of industry experience.  As a seriel entrepreneur, I have been blessed to have 7 startup ventures under my belt including 2 restaraunts, 1 medical consulting practice, 1 real estate development company, 1 medical components distributorship, 1 Angel investment group and a business accelerator.  These successes (and failures) allow me to bring a fresh industrial perspective to the classroom.

Additional Duties

Principal Investigator FAA Grant - This is a study commissioned by the Federal Aviation Administration to study the potential growth in commercial space transportation.  We look at suborbital space transportation through the eyes of companies like Virgin Galactic, Space X, XCor, Blue Origin and others.

Faculty Advisor - Student Investment Club.  Students from all majors gather one evening to week to research stocks, bonds and alternative investments.  We actively manage over $6,000 of University Funds.  Our goal is to invest in stable growth companies that will help us beat the Standard and Poor's 500 Index.

Facilitator - Student Business Incubator.  Throughout an 8 week program, I advise, mentor and direct entrepreneurial students seeking to build new ventures and become the innovators of tomorrow.  This is the class that helps students experience what it is like to actually become entrepreneurs while they are here at Florida Tech.  Over the past 3 years, almost a dozen successful ventures have launched through the Student Business Incubator.

Current Research

Benjamin, S.N. Smith, T.M. & Gray, A. The Cost of Regulatory Governance on the Emergence of Commercial Space Transportation

Benjamin, S.N. Smith, T.M. & Gray, A. Industry Adoption: A Comparative Analysis Between Commercial Aviation and Commercial Space Transportation

Autry, G. & Benjamin, S.N. Application of Porter’s Diamond Model on Commercial Space Transportation

Benjamin, S.N. The Effects of Media Influence and Sensemaking on Innovation Adoption in the US Wind Industry

Benjamin, S.N. Managing Nonmarket Strategies in the Adoption of Innovation

Selected Publications

Benjamin, S.N. (2015). Scenario Analysis (Chapter 52). In H.J. Harrington & F. Voehl, Tools and Methodologies Every Innovator Should Know. Innovation Association of Innovative Professionals. Los Gatos, CA

Benjamin, S.N. (2015). Riding the Bubble. Publisher: The Goldenrain Group, Inc: Melbourne, Florida

Benjamin, S.N. Reger, R.K. Pfarrer, M.D. (2012). Media Coverage of US Wind Power Plants: Does it Generate Electricity? Proceedings of the New Frontiers in Management and Organizational Cognition Conference

Benjamin, S.N. Reger, R.K. & Pfarrer, M.D. The Media Effect on the Adoption of Green Technology, Southern Management Association Conference, Fort Lauderdale, FL, October 2012.

Benjamin, S.N., Reger, R.K., Pfarrer, M.D. & Baum, J.R. Show Me the Time: The Effects of Media Influence on Innovation Adoption in the US Wind Energy Sector, Strategic Management Society Conference Panel Session, Miami, FL, November 2011.

Benjamin, S.N., Reger, R.K., Pfarrer, M.D. & Baum, J.R. The Effects of Media Influence and Sensemaking on Innovation Adoption in the US Wind, Academy of Management Conference, San Antonio, TX,  August 2011.

Benjamin, S.N., Reger, R.K., Pfarrer, M.D. & Baum, J.R. The Effects of Media Influence and Sensemaking on Innovation Adoption in the US Wind, Atlanta Competitive Advantage Conference Development Session, Atlanta, GA, May 2011.

Benjamin, S.N., Reger, R.K., Baum, J.R. & Pfarrer, M.D. The Effects of Media Influence and Sensemaking on Innovation Adoption in the US Wind, Mason Entrepreneurship Research Conference, Fairfax, VA, May 2011.

Reger, R.K., Benjamin, S.N., Pfarrer, M.D. Discourse and Dirty Deeds in the Adoption of U.S. Wind Farms.  Presented at INFORMS, Austin, TX, November 2010.

Benjamin, S.N., Reger, R.K. & Pfarrer, M.D., The Bradley Effect: When Sensemaking Does not Make Sense. Presented at the Strategic Management Society, Rome, Italy, September 2010.

Benjamin, S.N., Reger, R.K. & Pfarrer, M.D., & The Bradley Effect: When Sensemaking Does not Make Sense. Presented at the Mason Entrepreneurship Conference, Fairfax, VA, March 2010.

Benjamin, S.N., & Reger, R.K. Social Constructionist Approach to Wind Power Acceptance, Presented at Social Entrepreneurship Conference, NYU, September 2009.

Benjamin, S.N. The Economic Effects of Real Estate Bubbles. Dingman Center for Entrepreneurship Executive Program, October 2009.