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Faculty Profiles

Irvin, Sharon

Assistant Professor, School of Arts and Communication

Educational Background

B.S. English and Latin Oshkosh State University 1964
M.A., English/American Literature University of Wisconsin, Madison 1971

Current Courses

Scientific and Technical Communication

Professional Experience

Professor Irvin has served as chair of the Technical Communication undergraduate program at Florida Tech and has delivered several papers focusing on technical communication. She has also worked as a consultant for the past 15 years on various technical documents including Digital Equipment Corporation, preparing a Quality Assurance Planning Handbook, and Logan Industries Inc., editing software documents.

A 1990 joint venture between Florida Tech and MIT's Lincoln Lab led to a software documentation project co-authored with Ms. Carol M.H. Shehadeh.

Professor Irvin is a senior member of the Society of Technical Communication. She served as the editor of the Harbor City Ambulance Squad newsletter; she also documented various in-house publication organs such as the Attendant Training Manual, the Annual Operating Plan, and the Policy and Procedures Handbook. In 1998, she also supervised the redesign and editing of Florida Tech's Academic Advising Handbook.

She co-authored the Florida Tech handbook, "Academic Dishonesty, Cheating and Plagiarism," and served as a Microteaching Facilitator. She also conducted workshops on "Clear and Concise Communication." As an EMT, Professor Irvin gave classes in CPR and First Aid and AIDS awareness  for the community. In addition, she has published four children's books.  She currently volunteers at Brevard Habitat for Humanity.  

Selected Publications

Irvin, S.C. and Irvin, J. 2002. A Pictorial History of Harbor City Volunteer Ambulance Squad 1966-1999. Melbourne Beach, Florida: Canmore Press.

Irvin, S.C. 1999. Ballroom Dance Cards: A reference guide for the beginning ballroom dancer.

Irvin, S., Irvin, J., and von Koenigseck, E. 1991. Technical Writing for Private Industry. Malabar, Florida: Krieger Publishers.