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Faculty Profiles

Bhattacharyya, Siddhartha

Assistant Professor, Computer Engineering and Sciences

Siddhartha (Sid) Bhattacharyya’s primary area of research expertise/interest is in model based engineering and architectural analysis with formal methods for the design, verification and validation of intelligent autonomous systems, cyber security, explainable AI, smart power grid and avionics. Before joining Florida Institute of Technology, he had been a Sr. Research Engineer at Rockwell Collins’ Advanced Technology Center where he was as a Principle Investigator and researcher on research programs with National Aeronautics Space Administration (NASA), Defense Advanced Research Project Agency (DARPA), Air Force Research Lab (AFRL) and Office of Naval Research (ONR). He also worked in several collaborative efforts on model based engineering and analysis with Honeywell, Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Software Engineering Institute Carnegie Melon University and MIT Lincoln Lab. He has collaborated with academia and other industry partners in his research efforts. Prior to that, he had been leading efforts in the area of Software Engineering/Formal Methods and developing new program as a tenured faculty and Interim Chair of the Division of Computer Science at Kentucky State University. He was a summer research fellow at Applied Research Laboratory at Pennsylvania State University where he worked on the design, verification, simulation and synthesis of mission control for autonomous underwater vehicles. He also worked as summer faculty fellow at Oak Ridge National Laboratory where he developed methods for design and analysis of the complex smart power grid. He has chaired sessions and presented at American Control Conferences, Digital Avionics Systems Conference, and other conferences. He has publications in refereed journals, conferences and patents. He is also a reviewer for several journals and conferences.

Educational Background

Phd, University of Kenctucky, Lexington KY, USA, 2005

Msc, Iowa State University, Ames, IA, USA, 2003

B.E, BIT Mesra, India, 2001

Current Courses

Software Design Methods

Software Engineering-II

Professional Experience

Sr. Research Engineer, Rockwell Collins, 2013-2016

Faculty, Kentucky State University, 2005-2012

Selected Publications

Patent awarded

• S. Bhattacharyya, J. Davis, T. Vogl and A. Mclean, “Verifiable autonomy: A step towards pilot’s license for autonomy”. Oct 2016.

Patent pending

• S. Bhattacharyya, and A. Mclean, “Distributed formal analysis for mission assurance for a swarm of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles”, Trade Secret, Oct 2014.

• S. Bhattacharyya, J. Dalton and C. Shen, “Remote monitoring of server farms using wireless sensor networks”, Sept.2014. • S. Bhattacharyya, P. Garrity and A. Kumar, “Apparatus and method for monitoring a liquid product in a sealed vessel”, Patent Pending 13479966, May 2012.

Technical Reports:

• “Formal Verification of Quasi-Synchronous Systems” S. Miller, S. Bhattacharyya, C. Tinelli, S. Smolka, C. Sticksel, B. Meng, J. Yang. Final Technical Report, Air Force Research Laboratory, July 2015.

• “Certification Considerations for Adaptive Systems”, S. Bhattacharyya, D. Cofer, D. Musliner, J. Mueller, E. Engstrom, Final Techncal Report, NASA Langley, March 2015.

Conference Proceedings and Presentations

• “Real-Time Server Overloaded Monitoring Algorithm Using Back Propagation Artificial Neural Network”, J, Choi, C. Shen, J. Hannemann and S. Bhattacharyya, IEEE, 2017 IEEE 7th Annual Computing and Communication Workshop and Conference sponsored by IEEE.

• “Formal Verification of Intelligent Systems Modeled as Decision Procedures”, S. Bhattacharyya, T. Eskridge and M. Carvalho, Safe and Secure Systems and Software Symposium July 2016 at Dayton, OH.

• “Verification of Security responses”, T. Eskridge, S. Bhattacharyya and M. Carvalho, Safe and Secure Systems and Software Symposium July 2016 at Dayton, OH.

• “Certification Considerations for Adaptive Systems”, S. Bhattacharyya, D. Cofer, D. Musliner, J. Mueller, E. Engstrom. International Conference on Unmanned Aircraft Systems, 2015.

• “Enhancing autonomy with trusted cognitive modeling”, S. Bhattacharyya, J. Davis, T. Vogl, M. Matessa, A. Mclean, L. Smith-Velazquez, Atlanta GA, Association of Unmanned Vehicle Systems Institute (AUVSI) May 2015.

• “Verification of Quasi-Synchronous systems with Uppaal”, S. Bhattacharyya, S. Miller, J. Yuang, S. Smolka, B. Meng, C. Sticksel and C. Tinelli, Digital Avionics Systems Conference, Colorado Springs, CO, Oct 2014.

• “Voltage and Var Control to Enable High Penetration of Distributed Photovoltaic Systems”, Y. Liao, W. Fan, A. Cramer, P. Dolloff, M. Qiu, Z. Fei, S. Bhattacharyya, L. Holloway and B. Gregory, NAPS, Urbana-Champaign IL, Sept 9-11 2012.

• “Vibration monitoring and analysis using Wireless Sensor Networks to classify vehicles”, P. Garrity, S. Bhattacharyya, C. Shen, D. Dawadi, and B. Panja, International Intellectbase Consortium, Las Vegas, NV, Dec 16-18th 2010.

• “A real-time logic verification for Wireless Sensor Network”, J. Green and S. Bhattacharyya, 2009 World Congress on Computer Science and Information Engineering 2009.

• “Power system smart control and verification”, S. Bhattacharyya, J Nutaro, L. Miller, M. Shankar and T. Kuruganti, IASTED Power and Energy Systems, April 2008.

• “Automated Coordinator Synthesis Mission Control of Autonomous Underwater Vehicles”, S. Bhattacharyya, R.Kumar, S. Tangirala and L.E. Holloway, OCEANS 2007, MTS/IEEE-OES, Vancouver BC, Canada.

• “Animation/ Simulation of Hybrid-Model based Hierarchical Mission Control Architecture for Autonomous Undersea Vehicles”, S. Bhattacharyya, R.Kumar, S.Tangirala, M.O’Connor, and L.E. Holloway, ACC 2006, Minneapolis, MN

• “Hybrid-Model based Hierarchical Mission Control Architecture for Autonomous Undersea Vehicles: Verification”, M.O’Connor, S.Tangirala, R.Kumar, S. Bhattacharyya and L.E. Holloway, ACC 2006, Minneapolis, MN Journal articles

• "A Discrete Event Systems Approach to Network Fault Management: Detection and Diagnosis of Faults", S.Bhattacharyya, R. Kumar and Z. Huang, Asian Journal of Control Vol. 13 No. 4 July 2011.

• “Detection and Classification of Vehicles Using Wireless Sensor Network Technology”, P. Garrity, S. Bhattacharyya, C. Shen, D. Dawadi, and B. Panja, Journal of Information Systems Technology and Planning (JISTP), Vol. 4, Issue 7, February 2011.

• “A Systematic Methodology for Actuator Augmentation in the Supervisory Control of Discrete Event Systems” V. Chandra, S. Bhattacharyya, S. Mohanty, Journal of Systemics Cybernetics Informatics, 2006.

• “On the Design of Adaptive Supervisors for Discrete Event Systems”, V. Chandra, and S. Bhattacharyya Journal of Systemics Cybernetics Informatics 2006.