Faculty Profiles

Whitlow, Jonathan

Associate Professor
Biomedical and Chemical Engineering and Sciences

Educational Background

PhD, Vanderbilt University 1989

MS, Vanderbilt University 1986

BS, Virginia Tech 1979

Professional Experience


Dr. Whitlow joined the faculty at Florida Tech in 1989. Prior to obtaining his doctoral degree, Dr. Whitlow worked in industry as both a process engineer and a production engineer. During his six years of industrial experience, Dr. Whitlow was involved in the management, design and start-up of capital projects, as well as process operation troubleshooting. Dr. Whitlow is a professional engineer with registration in the state of Tennessee and has worked as a consultant both internationally and within the US.

While at Florida Tech, Dr. Whitlow has worked on numerous externally funded research projects with total funding exceeding 1.4 million dollars. In addition, Dr. Whitlow has worked at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center through summer fellowships on six different occasions.  Dr. Whitlow has taught courses at both the graduate and undergraduate level including courses in process dynamics and controls, reactor design, computational methods and process design.

Current Research

Study of Fischer Tropsch synthesis for the production of liquid fuels in small scale reactors.

Operation, modeling and analysis of process systems for ISRU on Moon and Mars.

Development of process simulation models for the production of renewable energy.

Development of tuning methods for high performance PID controllers.

Selected Publications



Whitlow, J.E., Modeling of a Molten Regolith Electrolysis Reactor, Final Report ASRC/UCF/NASA contract#61038023, Nov. 2008.

Whitlow, J.E., Selective Fischer-Tropsch Catalyst For Producing C9-C16 Hydrocarbons, with D. Fraenkel & J. White of Eltron Research and S. Dutta and U Ragula of Florida Tech, Final Report to Office of Naval Research.Feb. 2008.

Whitlow, J.E., Development of Process Models for the Production of Propellants from Lunar Regolith, Final Report NASA Grant NNK04EB98A, April, 2007..

Whitlow, J.E., Operation, Modeling and Analysis of the Reverse Water Gas Shift Process, with Clyde Parrish, Proceedings of the STAIF Conference, February, 2003.

Whitlow, J. E., An Alternative RWGS Configuration for Carbon Dioxide Processing, Space Resources Roundtable IV, Houston, Texas October, 2002.

Whitlow, J.E. In Press. Simplified Robust High Performance PID Control Algorithms, Proceedings American Control Conference, Washington, D.C.

Whitlow, J.E. In Press. Operation, Modeling and Analysis of the Reverse Water Gas Shift Process, NASA

Whitlow, J.E. 1999. Modeling and Analysis of the Reverse Water Gas Shift Process for In-Situ Propellant Production, NASA CE-1999-208586.