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Faculty Profiles

Daly-Engel, Toby

Assistant Professor, Ocean Engineering and Marine Sciences

Dr. Daly-Engel's Shark Conservation Lab at the Florida Institute of Technology studies the molecular ecology and evolution of sharks and other marine megafauna. Dr. Daly-Engel's work focuses broadly on researching the evolution of reproductive strategies and movement patterns, speciation and dispersal, and stock structure and habitat use of elasmobranchs (sharks, skates and rays), in order to help effectively conserve and manage these fascinating creatures.

Personal Overview

Dr. Daly-Engel’s research combines genomics with marine ecology to study the evolution of mating strategies in animals that invest heavily in reproduction, especially sharks and rays. She is interested in how reproductive behaviors, particularly from a female fitness perspective, interact with the environment to influence species, populations, and genomes. Her PhD work at the University of Hawaii explored the ecological and genetic effects of female promiscuity in sharks, a subject she expanded on using an insect model as a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Arizona. As an Assistant Professor at the University of West Florida, Dr. Daly-Engel worked with collaborators from academia and the National Marine Fisheries Service to monitor marine biodiversity and study the evolution of reproductive strategies in both shallow-coastal and deep-water sharks in the Gulf of Mexico. Her teaching experience includes an NSF GK-12 Fellowship, an NIH Postdoctoral Fellowship in Research and Teaching, and several years developing research-based undergraduate coursework at the University of West Florida, where she was honored with the Student Government Association’s Distinguished Teaching Award in 2016. She joined the faculty at FIT in Fall 2017.

Educational Background

Ph.D. Zoology, specializing in Ecology, Evolution, and Conservation Biology, University of Hawaii (2009)

M.S. Zoology, University of Hawaii (2007)

B.A. Biology, Oberlin College (2000)

Current Courses

BIO3701, Evolution

BIO4411/5031, Conservation Genetics

Professional Experience

Assistant Professor of Biology, University of West Florida (2012-2017)

Postdoctoral Research and Teaching Fellow, University of Arizona (2009-2012)

Current Research

1. Reproductive evolution and sexual selection in high-investment organisms

2. Landscape genomics, environmental DNA, and local adaptation in fishes

3. Conservation of sharks, skates, and rays

Selected Publications

Daly-Engel, T.S., I. Baremore, R.D. Grubbs, S. Gulak, R.T. Graham, and M. Enzenauer (2018) Resurrection of the sixgill shark Hexanchus vitulus Springer &Waller, 1969 (Hexanchiformes, Hexanchidae), with comments on its distribution in the northwest Atlantic Ocean. Marine Biodiversity:

Larson, S., T.S. Daly-Engel, and N. Phillips (2017) Ch. 3: Review of Current Conservation Genetic Analyses of Northeast Pacific Sharks. In Advances in Marine Biology: Northeast Pacific Shark Biology, Research and Conservation. Eds: S. Larson and D. Lowry. Vol. 77, Oxford: Academic Press, pp. 79-110

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Daly-Engel, T.S., R.L. Smith, D.S. Finn, M.E. Knoderbane, I.C. Phillipsen, and D.A. Lytle (2012a) 17 novel polymorphic microsatellite markers for the giant water bug, Abedus herberti (Belostomatidae). Conservation Genetics Resources 4: 979-981

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Daly-Engel, T.S., R.D. Grubbs, K. Feldheim, B.W. Bowen, and R.J. Toonen (2010) Is multiple mating beneficial or unavoidable? Low multiple paternity and genetic diversity in the shortspine spurdog, Squalus mitsukurii. Marine Ecology Progress Series 403: 255-267

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