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Faculty Profiles

Windsor, John

Professor, Program Chair, Ocean Engineering and Marine Sciences

Educational Background

Ph.D. College of William and Mary

Professional Experience

In addition to a wide variety of environmental studies, Dr. Windsor is very active in marine and environ-mental education. He teaches both undergraduate and graduate courses in Environmental Chemistry, Introduction to Oceanography, Marine Pollution, Chemical Oceanography and Air Pollution, and has developed an educational outreach program called science education at sea (SEAS) that works with students from pre-kindergarten to post-graduate institutions and with the general public.
Dr. Windsor also collaborates with faculty in the science education department and serves as an important resource to science educators throughout Florida. He serves as chairman of the Technical Advisory Committee of the Indian River Lagoon Program.

Selected Publications

Frease, R.A. and J.G. Windsor Jr., 1991. Behavior of Selected of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons Associated with a Stabilized Oil and Coal Ash Reef. Marine Pollution Bulletin 22: 15-19.

Windsor Jr., J.G., 1991. Fate and Transport of Oil, Dispersants and Dispersed Oil in the Florida Coastal Environment. Oil Spill Dispersant Research Program: Technical Advisory Group Workshop. University of Florida, Gainesville, Floridam, 283 pp.

Holm, S.E. and J.G. Windsor Jr., 1990. Exposure Assessment of Sewage Treatment Plant Effluent by a Selected Chemical Marker Method. Archives of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology 19: 674-679.

Windsor Jr., J.G., 1990. Marine Field Projects: An Established, Unique Undergraduate Curriculum in Ocean Science. 200th National Meeting of the American Chemical Society.