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Faculty Profiles

Weaver, Robert

Associate Professor of Ocean Engineering, Ocean Engineering and Marine Sciences

Video on Science Works! : Surf Engineering

(East Central Coast, Indian River Lagoon, and Brevard County)

Personal Overview

Dr. Weaver joined Florida Tech in August 2011 after working for three years as a post-doctoral research assistant at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Institute of Marine Sciences.  While at UNC-CH IMS, he worked on coastal circulation projects including prediction of hurricane storm surge, tracking surface particles from the Deepwater Horizon Blowout, and 3D model development.  From 2006-2008, he worked for URS Corps developing methodology for establishing flood levels for FEMA FIRM’s.  In 2007 he founded a non-profit corporation whose mission is to encourage environmentally sound engineering, business and development practices.   His areas of research and expertise include coastal flooding, coastal transport, water quality, 2D and 3D circulation modeling, and littoral processes.

Educational Background

  • Ph.D. Coastal and Oceanographic Engineering, 2008, University of Florida, Dept. Civil and Coastal Engineering
  • M.S. Coastal and Oceanographic Engineering, 2004, University of Florida, Dept. Civil and Coastal Engineering
  • B.S. Mathematics (MINOR Physics), 1999, University of North Carolina at Greensboro
  • University Stuttgart, 1999

Recognition & Awards

  • AAUS Certified
  • NAUI DiveMaster Cert.
  • Sigma Pi Sigma, Pi Mu Epsilon

Current Courses

  • OCE 2901 Surf Engineering Analysis 
  • OCE 3030 Fluid Mechanics
  • OCE 3521 Hydromechanics / Wave Theory
  • OCE 4522 Coastal Processes & Shoreline Design
  • OCE 4563 Port & Harbor Design
  • OCE 5525 Coastal Processes & Engineering
  • OCE 5563 Port & Harbor Engineering
  • ENS 3911 / 4911 Environmental Field Projects


Professional Experience

Post-Doctorate Researcher, 2008-2011,University of North Carolina IMS

Research Intern, 2006-2008, URS Corps.

Additional Duties

Research in coastal circulation or nearshore hydrodynamics

Founder/CEO of Engineering for the Earth, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization which promotes
sustainable design, building and engineering practices (2007-present)

Current Research

  • Real Time Forecasting of Waves and Storm Surge
  • 3D hydrodynamics and development and validation of 3D capabilities in ADCIRC
  • Phytoremediation of eutrophic waters in coastal lagoons
  • Indian River Lagoon Experiment (IRLEX) 2012
  • Circulation modeling for IRL and coastal waters
  • Remediation of coastal lagoons
  • Sand bypassing solutions for hardened inlets
  • 3D wave forcing for ADCIRC
  • 3D surface mixing for circulation models
  • Managed system for flushing Banana River
  • Removal of fine grained sediments and Muck

Master of Science Theses:

  • Experimental and Numerical Analysis of the Drag Force on Surfboards with Different Shapes, O. Lahlou

  • Development, Testing, Analysis, and Efficiency of a Variable Area Dredge in Combination with a Mobile Ferrate-Based Treatment Facility, L.A.Provost

  • Controlled Intake Area Dredging for Fine Sediment Removal to Improve Water Quality in the Indian River Lagoon, H. Grisanti
  • Hydrodynamic Resistance of a Surfboard:an Analytical, Emperical and Statistical Ananylsis, A. Kledzik
  • A Physical and Computational Comparison of FLoating Breakwater Design Efficiencies for Habitat Restoration in the Indian River Lagoon, A. Stehno
  • A Physical and Computational Study of Semi-Hemispherical Artificial Reef Breakwater Designs to Optimize Efficiency for Use as Shoreline Protection, S. Baboolal
  • Impact of Constructing a Low Crested Weir in Cape Canaveral on Flushing in the Banana River, A. Saberi
  • 3D Barotropic Hindcast of Water Levels and Vertically Distributed Currents Generated by Hurricane Gustav: Implementing Vertically Distributed Wave Forcing in ADCIRC+SWAN, J. Todd

Selected Publications

Journal Special Editions

  •  Coastal Water Quality: From Science to Solutions, Guest Editors: Weaver, R.J. and Hunsucker, K.Z., Marine Technology Society Journal 52 (4), 5-5, 2018
  • Marine Dredging Engineering: Environmental Dredging, Guest Editor: Weaver, R.J., Journal of Marine Science and Engineering , Deadline for manuscript submissions: 30 May 2019

Peer Reviewed

Peer Reviewed Proceedings


  • Taeb, P., Weaver, R.J., and Lazarus, S., (2019 in submission) “A seven-member ensemble, coastal hydrodynamic forecast tool and its application to the Indian River Lagoon system”,  ASCE Coastal Sediments Proceedings 19, Tampa/St. Pete, Florida

  • Provost, L.A., Nezamoddini-Kachouie, N., and Weaver, R.J. (2019 in submission) ”Application of a Statistical Sediment Analysis Applied to Testing of a Variable Area Dredging Suction Head Designed for Fine Sediment Removal”
  • Grisanti, H., Provost, L., and Weaver, R. (2019 in revision). ”Surgical Dredging for Fine Sediment Removal Through the Use of a Variable Intake Area Suction Head”. Western Dredging Association, Journal of Dredging. Manuscript submitted for publication.


  • Weaver, R. J., Soucy, B., Stehno, A., Sager, A., Kenny, A. "A Laboratory Validation of a Parameterized Mangrove Model for Development of Forest Features to Cultivate an Understanding of Restoration Importance", 2019 in prep

  • Weaver, R. J. and Luettich, R. A. ”Evaluating differences in modeled storm surge response between 2D and 3D constructs with focus on bottom stress and simulating the wave-enhanced layer”, 2019 in prep.
  • Weaver, R. J. and D. N. Slinn. ”Barrier Island Effects on Storm Surge at the Coast” , 2019 in prep

Invited Talks

  • Weaver, R. J., (2018), " Our Indian Rivewr Lagoon: Problem, Solutions and Timeline, Sea Oaks Community, Vero beach, FL
  • Weaver, R. J., (2014), ”Circulation, Climate Change and Resilience”, Lagoon Action Assembly, Florida Institute of Technology, May 2014
  • Weaver, R. J., (2014), ”Indian River Lagoon Research Institute”, IRLRI Congressional Briefing, January 21, 2014
  • Weaver, R. J., (2012), ”Our Backyard Laboratory for Water Quality Solutions: The IRL, Lagoonal Circulation, and Engineering/Biological Solutions to Water Quality”, Spacecoast Science Cafe, Fall 2012, Invited Oral Presentation/Discussion
  • Weaver, Lazarus, Splitt (2016), "Forecasting of Hurricane Matthew and for future storms", BOard of Trustees Meeintg , Florida Institute of Technology.