John Lavelle

Associate Professor | School of Arts and Communication

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Personal Overview

Dr. Lavelle is actively writing and publishing scholarly and creatively.

His novel, Oreads has been published by Roundfire Press.

His short stories have appeared  in Red Rock Review, Spank the Carp,No Recordv Press, Trajectory, Stone Canoe, Appalachian Story, Pisgah Review, and others.  His novel Oreads is forthcoming from Roundfire Books.

His scholarly book Blue Collar Theoritically: A Post-Marxist Approach to Working Class Literature was published by McFarland & Co.

Educational Background

Ph.D. in American Literature, contemporary British literature, and literary theory from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, Lafayette, LA. 2008

M.A. in Creative Writing University of Central Florida, Orlando, Fl. 2001

M.A. in English State University of New York at Buffalo, Buffalo, NY. 1998

B.A. in English, Cum Laude. State University of New York at Buffalo, Buffalo, NY. 1994

Professional Experience

John Lavelle is an associate professor of the graduate faculty at Florida Institute of Technology.

He has also taught at: the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, Lafayette, LA., Pima County Community College, Tucson, AZ., Valencia Community College, Winter Park, FL., the University of Central Florida, Orlando, FL.

Proofreader for The Current Debate About the Irish Literary Canon: Essays Reassessing The Field Day Anthology of Irish Writing. Ed. Dr. Helen Thompson. Queenston: Edwin Melon Press 2006

Editor Southwestern Review, the University of Louisiana at Lafayette’s graduate literary journal

Coordinator of Pegasus Summer Project for at-risk freshmen at the University of Central Florida

Supervisor of the Communication Student Support Center (Writing Center) Valencia Community College, Winter Park,

Correspondent for The Union Sun & Journal, Lockport, New York

Graduate Assistant Reporter for The Reporter, the faculty newspaper at SUNY at Buffalo

Reader for The Kiosk, the graduate literary magazine, SUNY at Buffalo.

Dr. Lavelle is advisor for Kaleidoscope, Florida Tech's Art and Literary Magazine.


PCAS/ACAS Conference Washington DC. "Twain's Antithetical discourses in Adventures of Huckleberry Finn and The Adventures of Tom Sawyer"  2013

33rd International conference on the Fantastic in the Arts, Orlando, FL. "Monsters in America" 2012.

PCAS/ACAS Conference, New Orleans, LA.  "An Alternate Concept of the Study of Class in Literature" 2009.

SCMLA, Dallas, TX. "A Working-Class Theory of Literature" 2006.

New Directions in Literary Theory, University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ. "Toward a Real Theory of Working-Class Literature" 2005.

Cultural Contexts: Third Annual Graduate Conference on Language and Literature, University of Louisiana at Lafayette, Lafayette, LA.  "No Barbarians at the Gate:  The Failure of Literature Departments to Negotiate Tjhere Worth in Today's Marketplace" 2005.

PCAS/ACAS Conference, New Orleans, LA. "Breaking the Code in Uncle Tom's Cabin: The Coded Messageas of Nineteenth Centure Women DEfining Their Own Sexuality"  2004.

Additional Duties


Literature Major/Minor Curriculum Committee

International American British Poetry Exchange

Member FIT Media Board

Committee: Summer Creative Writing Institute

Advisor to Kaleidoscope the FIT literary and arts magazine

Judge: Writers' Guild of Acadiana High School Creative Writing Contest.

Dr. Shelley Anne Martin Memorial Plaque Committee

Committee member: Graduate Conference on Language and Literature at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette


Golden Key Honor Society

Sigma Tau Delta

Modern Language Association



Humanities Pre-Law

Dissertation Committees

  • 2011 Meyer, Emily:
    Implementation of Evidence Based Practices in Inclusive Classrooms.Thesis. Florida Institute of Technology, 2011. Print.

  • 2011 Erhayem, Mohamed:
    The Effect of Electrolytes on Absorption of Various Fractions of Natural Organic Matter onto Titanium Nanoparticles.Dissertation. Florida Institute of Technology, 2011. Print.

  • 2012 Privett, Aaron Ross:
    Personality characteristics of child sex offenders using the Minnesota Multiphasic
    Personality Inventory-2nd Edition—Restructural Form

  • 2012 Fields, Stephanie
    16PF Couple’s Counseling Report:  Predictors of Marital Satisfaction, Personality Similarity,
    and Relationship Adjustment Among Females.


  • 2014 Garofalo, Alyssa
    16PF Couple’s Counseling Report:  Predictors of Marital Satisfaction, Personality Similarity,
    and Relationship Adjustment Among Males.

Current Courses

Com 2150 Creative Writing

Com 5003 Preparing Academic Documents for Graduate Students

Com 4000  Senior/Graduate Level Thesis Writing

Seminar in Advanced Creative writing Fiction

Seminar in Beginning Creative Writing Fiction

Technical Writing 365

Advanced Exposition 360

Introduction to Creative Writing

Novel and Short Story

Modern British Literature

Contemporary American Literature

Early American Literature

Hum. Civilization 2 Renaissance Through Modern: both online and face-to-face

Hum  Mythology-online

Hum  Creative Arts Practicum

Com  Composition and Rhetoric

Com  Writing About Literature

Selected Publications


Oreads: Roundfire Books Jan 2016

"Bo" and "Like Tea," Y2K Magazine.

"Milos and Phoebe," The Cypress Dome 11 (Spring 2001): 92-97.

"Buddys," Pisgah Review. 1.2 (Winter 2006).

"Dragon Flies" Stone Canoe No. 3, January 30, 2009

"Hierophany" The SYBHEL Project: Myths Fables and Synthetic Futures  2012

"Living in the Past" appeared in the anthology When Last on the Mountain, from Holy Cow Press/Turtle House Ink June 2010

"Little Feet" appeared in Appalachian Story 2013

"Summer's Eve" Trajectory Spring 2013

"Pantano Wash.” Red Rock Review 32 (Fall 2013)

“Little Sacrifices.” No Record Press 30. 15 Nov. 2014

“Keeping Trace’s Heart.” Spank the Carp. 15, Sept. 2014

"The Meta-Myth of William Kennedys Ironweed" published in American Multi/Discipline Studies at SUNY at Buffalo, May 2010.

Blue Collar, Theoretically: A Post-Marxist approach to Working class Literature, McFarland & Co.

Recognition & Awards


The Norton Anthology of Short Fiction. 7th edition. New York: W.W. Norton. xix.


Dr. Lavelle is currently both writing creatively and critically.  While exploring the creative arts of short prose, longer prose, and poetry by actively writing and publishing, he is also extending his research on the way class is constructed at the micro level of society considering how ideology and narrative affect the construction of identity.  Using Weber's theories of status groups he investigates how class is constructed and played out in literature.