Ashley M. Lugo

Visiting Assistant Professor | School of Behavior Analysis

Contact Information

Personal Overview

Dr. Lugo earned her Ph.D. in Applied Behavior Analysis from The University of Nebraska Medical Center and her B.A. in Forensic Psychology and M.S. in Applied Behavior Analysis from Florida Institute of Technology. Dr. Lugo held previous faculty appointments at Saint Louis University and Southeast Missouri State University. Her behavior analytic interests include improving the efficiency and effectiveness of skill acquisition interventions, parent and staff training, and the assessment and treatment of treatment nonadherence. Her primary line of research includes the development of systematic methods to establish rapport and examining how rapport affects behavior during therapeutic sessions. Dr. Lugo has over ten years of clinical experience in the implementation of behavioral interventions in the pediatric population. Her experience includes early intensive behavior intervention (EIBI) and the assessment and treatment of children diagnosed with pediatric behavior disorders.

Educational Background

Doctor of Philosophy
Behavior Analysis
University of Nebraska, Lincoln, Nebraska

Master of Science
Applied Behavior Analysis
School of Psychology
Florida Institute of Technology, Melbourne, Florida

Bachelor of Arts
Forensic Psychology
School of Psychology
Florida Institute of Technology, Melbourne, Florida

Current Courses

BEH5022 Using Measurement, Graphs, and Single-Case Designs in Behavior Analysis Practice

BEH5025 Intensive Practicum

BEH5028 Capstone

Selected Publications

Lugo, A. M., McArdle, P. E., King, M. K., Lamphere, J. C., & Peck, J. A. (2018). Effects of pre-session pairing on child behavior and preference for alternative therapeutic conditions. Behavior Analysis in Practice. doi:

Lugo, A. M., Mathews, T. L., King, M. L., Lamphere., J. C., & Cathcart, A. M. (2017). Operant discrimination training to condition praise as a reinforcer. Behavioral Interventions. doi: 10.1002/bin.1485.

Mathews, T. M., Vatland, C., Lugo, A. M., Koenig, E., & Gilroy, S. P. (2017). Training peer models to promote social skills: Implications for practice. Focus on Autism and Other Developmental Disabilities. doi: 10.1177/1088357617735814.

Mathews, T. M. Lugo, A. M., King, M. L., Needelman, L. L., McArdle, P. E., Romer, N., Terry, M., Menousek, K., & Evans, J. H. (2017). Expanding access to clinical services for toddlers with autism spectrum disorder. Journal of Pediatric Health Care. doi: 10.1016/j.pedhc.2017.09.01

Lugo, A. M., King, M. L., Lamphere, J. C., & McArdle, P. E. (2016). Using behavioral skills training and performance feedback to train staff on implementation of pre-session pairing. Behavior Analysis in Practice. doi: 10.1007/s40617-016-0165-5.

Allison, J., Wilder, D. A., Chong, I., Lugo, A. M., Pike, J., Rudy, N. (2012). A comparison of differential reinforcement plus ee versus noncontingent reinforcement plus ee to treat food refusal in children with autism. Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis, 45, 614-617.