Holly Miller

Dean | Library

Contact Information

Educational Background

M.S. Library and Information Science, Certificate of Advanced Studies in Digital Libraries. Syracuse University, 2009
Ph.D. Biochemistry Wake Forest University Winston-Salem, NC 1992 Thesis: Studies with glutathione reductase and NADH peroxidase: Investigation of the structural features important for cysteine-sulfenic acid stabilization
B.S. Chemistry and Biology Bloomsburg University Bloomsburg, PA 1986

Professional Experience

Dean of Libraries 2017 - present

Asst Dean, Scholarly Content & Faculty Engagement 2015 - 2017

Director of Research Collection, Evans Library, Florida Institute of Technology 09/2012 – 2014

Director, MBLWHOI Library, Associate Director, Center for Library and Informatics, Marine Biological Laboratory
Asst. Research Scientist, Director, MBLWHOI Library, Associate Director, Center for Library and Informatics

Scientific Informatics Project Leader, Marine Biological Laboratory 01/2009- 01/2011

Scientific Informatics Analyst, Marine Biological Laboratory 04/2008-01/2009

Reference and Outreach Librarian, Rockefeller University 01/2006-12/2007

Research Assistant Professor, Department of Pharm. Sci., Stony Brook University 1999-2005

Selected Publications


Akella LM, Norton CN, Miller H, (2012) NetiNeti: Discovery of Scientific Names from Text using Machine Learning Methods. BMC Bioinformatics 13(1):211.

Wheeler, QD, Knapp, S. Stevenson, DW et al. (2012) Mapping the biosphere: exploring species to understand the origin, organization and sustainability of biodiversity. Systematics and Biodiversity 10(1):1.

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Sarkar IN, Schenk R, Miller H, Norton CN. (2009) LigerCat: Using ‘MeSH Clouds’ from Journal, Article, or Gene Citations to Facilitate the Identification of Relevant Biomedical Literature. AMIA Annu. Symp. Proc. 2009:563-7.

Miller, H., Norton, C.N. and Sarkar, I.N. (2009) GenBank and PubMed: How connected are they? BMC Research Notes 2:101.

Gening, L.V., Klincheva, S.A., Reshetnjak, A., Grollman, A.P. and Miller, H. (2006) RNA aptamers selected against DNA polymerase b inhibit the polymerase activities of DNA polymerase b and DNA polymerase k Nucleic Acids Res. 34:2579-86.

Valiunas, V., Polosina, Y.Y., Miller, H., Potapova, I., Valiuniene, L., Doronin, S., Mathias, R.T., Robinson, R.B., Rosen, M.R., Cohen, I.S. and Brink, P.R. (2005) Connexin specific cell-to-cell transfer of short interfering RNA by gap junctions. J. Physiol. 568:45968.

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Conlon, K.A., Miller, H., Rosenquist, T.A., Zharkov, D.O., Berrios, M. (2005) The murine DNA glycosylase NEIL2 (mNEIL2) and human DNA polymerase b bind microtubules in situ and in vitro. DNA Repair 4:419-31.

Fisher, P.A., Moutsiakis, D.L., McConnell, M., Miller, H., Mozzherin, D.J. (2004) A single amino acid change (E85K) in human PCNA that leads, relative to wild type, to enhanced DNA synthesis by DNA polymerase d past nucleotide base lesions (TLS) as well as on unmodified templates. Biochemistry 43:15915-21.

Yasui, M., Suzuki, N., Miller, H., Matsuda, T., Matsui, S., Shibutani, S. (2004) Translesion synthesis past 2'-deoxyxanthosine, a nitric oxide-derived DNA adduct, by mammalian DNA polymerases. J. Mol. Biol. 344:665-74.

Mozzherin, D. Ju., McConnell, M., Miller, H., Fisher, P.A. (2004) Site-specific mutagenesis of Drosophila proliferating cell nuclear antigen enhances its effects on calf thymus DNA polymerase d. BMC Biochemistry 5:13.

Polosina, Y.Y., Rosenquist, T.A., Grollman, A.P. and Miller, H. (2004) Knock down of DNA polymerase b by RNA interference: recapitulation of null phenotype. DNA Repair 3:1469-1474.

Freisinger, E., Grollman, A.P., Miller, H., and Kisker, C. (2004) Lesion (in)tolerance reveals insights into DNA replication fidelity. EMBO J. 23:1494-1505.

Miller, H., Fernandes, A.S., Zaika, E., McTigue, M.M., Torres, M.C., Wente, M., Iden, C.R., Grollman, A.P. (2004) Stereoselective Excision of Thymine Glycol from Oxidatively Damaged DNA. Nucleic Acids Res. 32: 338-345.

Minetti, C.A.S.A., Remeta, D.P., Miller, H., Gelfand, C.A., Plum, E., Grollman, A.P., and Breslauer, K.J. (2003) The Thermodynamics of Template-Directed DNA Synthesis: Base Insertion and Extension Enthalpies. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. 100:14719-24.

Miller, H. and Grollman, A.P. (2003) DNA Repair Investigations using siRNA. DNA Repair 2:759.


“Data and Informatics - A New Realm for Libraries.” The Future of Research Libraries, Banbury Center of Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, Cold Spring Harbor, NY, April 1-3, 2012.

“Bioinformatics tools for studying aging.” MBL-ASU History of Gerontology Workshop, Tempe, AZ, September 30, 2011.

”Synergies Between Libraries and Informatics.” Capstone Talk for Science Boot Camp 2011, June 10, 2011
“Managing Scientific Data” NERCOMP Got Data?? Event, Norwood, MA, Sept. 16, 2010.

“New Directions in Bioinformatics: Ontologies, Aging, and The Biodiversity Heritage Library.” MBL-ASU History of Biology Seminar. Woods Hole, MA, May 25, 2010.

“Informatics Tools for Biology of Aging.” The Ellison Medical Foundation Colloquium on Aging at the Marine Biological Laboratory. Woods Hole, MA, August 4, 2009


Raymond, L., Chandler, C., Lowry, R., Urban, E., Moncoiffe, G., Pissierssens, P., Norton, C., and Miller, H. “Emerging Role of Librarieans in Data Publication. Presented at University of Massachusetts and New England Area Librarian e-Science Symposium, April 4, 2012.

Maffei, AR, Chandler, CL Work, TT, Shorthouse, D, Furfey, J, Miller, H. Uses of the Drupal CMS Collaborative Framework in the Woods Hole Scientific Community. Invited presentation in Collaborative Frameworks in Earth and Space Sciences, American Geophysical Union Meeting, Dec 17, 2010

Recognition & Awards

Dean’s Fellowship, Wake Forest University, 1987-1988
National Science Foundation Predoctoral Fellowship, 1988-1991
National Research Service Award, 1993-1996
AACR-Pharmacia & Upjohn Young Investigator Award, 1998
Phi Kappa Phi