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Jerome Dominique Wettstein

Assistant Professor | Mathematical Sciences

Contact Information

Educational Background

  • Sept. 2019 – May 2022: Doctorate in Mathematics at ETH Zurich
  • Sept. 2017 – Feb. 2019: Master of Science in Mathematics at ETH Zurich
  • Sept. 2013 – Jul. 2017: Bachelor of Science in Mathematics at ETH Zurich

Professional Experience

  • Aug. 2022 –: Assistant Professor at the Florida Institute of Technology
  • Sep. 2019 – Aug. 2022: Doctoral student conducting mathematical research while being involved in various academic responsibilities including: Teaching, organizing exercise classes, maintaining websites and teaching platforms (Moodle, Zoom) for courses, creating/correcting exercise sheets and exams, supervision of exams, etc.
  • May 2019 – Jul. 2019: Research Assistant at the Department of Macroeconomics (D-MTEC) at ETH Zurich
  • May 2019 – Jul. 2019: Internship at SIX in Zurich (Product Management Cash Ecosystem, Business Unit Banking Services)
  • 2018: Research Assistant at the Department of Macroeconomics (D-MTEC) at ETH Zurich

Current Courses

  • Spring 2023: Calculus 2 (several sections), Calculus 1 (one section)
  • Fall 2022: Calculus 1 (several sections)

Selected Publications

Recognition & Awards

  • Willi-Studer-Prize awarded by ETH Zurich (“Best Graduate in Mathematics 2018/19”)


I am interested in questions pertaining to Geometric Analysis. During my PhD, I have mostly worked on non-local geometric energies and their critical points as well as the associated regularity properties. For instance, I have contributed to the study of the half-harmonic gradient flow by extending known results for the classical harmonic gradient flow to the non-local setup and generalising existence, regularity and uniqueness results.

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