Dzmitry Yuran

Assistant Professor | School of Arts and Communication

Contact Information

Educational Background

Ph.D. - University of Tennessee, Knoxville, 2015

M.S. - University of Tennessee, Knoxville, 2011

B.S. - Belarusian State University, Minsk, Belarus, 2008

Additional Training

The University of Tennessee, Knoxville, TN - The Best Practices in Teaching Programs for Graduate Assistants and Associates, Postdoctoral Lecturers, and New Faculty, Spring 2013

Professional Experience

Dr.  Yuran is a professor of journalism and communication at Florida Institute of Technology. He teaches science journalism, international political communication, international journalism, online reporting, and less specialized courses in communication.
While working on his Ph.D., Dzmitry Yuran began his career in education at the University of Tennessee; he taught multimedia storytelling, media reporting, media writing, media law and ethics. His research agenda revolved at the time around political communication and media effects. Aside from teaching and research, Dr. Yuran developed a keen interest and some experience in international education while working at UT's International House.
Before beginning his journey in academia, Dr. Yuran worked in advertising and marketing communications in native Belarus, where he also tried himself in the newspaper business. His early professional endeavors helped Dr. Yuran develop a deep respect for quality journalism and well-thought-out strategic communication.


Current Courses

Upcomming Courses (Summer 2021)

COM 5210/3085 International Political Communication (1st 6-Week Term, M/W, 5:30-8:20 p.m.) [this class is a Cultural Competency Certificate option]

       * Best to be taken in tandem with Dr. Petersen's COM 5420/3085 Journalism and the U.S. Elections (1st 6-Week Term, T/R, 5:30-8:20 p.m.)

Current Courses (Spring 2021)

COM 5130/4130 Global Communication [this class is a Cultural Competency Certificate option]

COM 2223 Scientific and Technical Communication (honors (sec 04H) and hybrid (sec 15) sections)

Other Courses Taught At Florida Tech

COM 5510 Covering Science and Technology

COM 5420/3085 International Journalism [this class is a Cultural Competency Certificate option]

COM 4226 Online Reporting

COM 3231 Writing about Science

COM 2425 Introduction to Communication

COM 2225 Writing for Media

COM 2223 Scientific and Technical Communication (traditional and hybrid sections)

WRI 1001 - 201 First-Year Writing 2 (online)

Selected Publications

Selected Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles

Molina, E., Yuran, D., & Edwards, H. (2020). International students, immigration policy, and perceived internal support: student reactions to the “travel ban.” Higher Education Theory and Practice, 20(9), 12-26.

O’Neal, K., & Yuran. D. (2020). Combatting negative stigma and communication obstacles for a university counseling services: A case study at Florida Institute of TechnologyJournal of Organizational Psychology, 20(4), 162-176.

Yuran, D., Fitzgerald, M., & Graham, M. (2019). Media influence and interactions with local authorities as a factor of public confidence in democratic institutionsMedia and Communication, 9, 7-22.

Geidner, N., Pjesivac, I., Imre, I., Coman, I., & Yuran, D. (2015). The role of interactive graphics in reducing misperceptions in the electorateVisual Communication Quarterly, 22(3), 133-145.

Yuran, D. (2013). The point of no return: Belarusian audience refusal to use Western broadcast media after exposure to their contentMedia Transformations, 9, 100-117.

Selected Peer-Reviewed Conference Proceedings

Dinerstein, A., & Yuran, D. (2014). Representation of Belarus in Western online media. In Reifová, I., & Pavlíčková, T. (Eds.), Proceedings from CEECOM 2012: Media, Power and Empowerment. Newcastle upon Tyne, UK: Cambridge Scholar Publishing.

Selected Peer-Reviewed Encyclopedia Chapters

Yuran, D. (2018). Common Sense Media.  In Schintler, L., McNeely, C (Eds.), Encyclopedia of Big Data. New York, NY: Springer Publishing.

Yuran, D. (2017). Fourth Amendment. In Schintler, L., McNeely, C (Eds.), Encyclopedia of Big Data. New York, NY: Springer Publishing.

Yuran, D. (2014). Information Abundance. In Harvey, K. & Golson, J. (Eds.), Encyclopedia of Social Media and Politics. New York, NY: Sage Publications.

Yuran, D. (2014). Spiral of Silence. In Harvey, K. & Golson, J. (Eds.), Encyclopedia of Social Media and Politics. New York, NY: Sage Publications.

Selected Peer-Reviewed Conference Papers

Gangloff, A., Yuran, D. (2020, May). Elements of Political Brands and Effects of Political Branding on Electoral Success. Paper presented at the ICA 2020 Conference, Gold Coast, AU.

Molina, E., Yuran, D., & Edwards, H. (2020, May). International Students, Immigration Policy, and Perceived Internal Support: Student Reactions to the “Travel Ban.” Paper presented at the ICA 2020 Conference, Gold Coast, AU. [top paper in division]

O’Neal, K., Yuran. D. (2020, March). Combatting Negative Stigma and Communication Obstacles for a University Counseling Services: A Case Study at Florida Institute of Technology. Paper presented at the 2020 AEJMC Southeast Colloquium, Memphis, TN.

Yuran, D. (2016, August). Think Tanks and News Media in U.S. Foreign Policy Agenda-Setting: Who is Telling Whom What to Talk About? Paper presented at the AEJMC 2016 Conference, Minneapolis, MN.

Yuran, D., Graham, M., & Fitzgerald, M. (2014, May). The Newspaper Shook My Confidence and The County Clerk Broke My Trust: Media Effects and Interactions with Local Authorities in Building and Deteriorating Public Confidence in Democratic Institutions. Paper presented at AAPOR 69th Annual Conference, Anaheim, CA.

D’Arcy, D., Yuran, D., & Coman, I., (2013, August). Tweets from the Horse’s Mouth: Network Television News Framing of 2012 Presidential Candidates on Twitter. Paper presented at the AEJMC 2013 Conference, Washington, DC.

Geidner, N., Radovic, I., Imre, I., Coman, I., & Yuran, D. (2013, June). The Role of Interactive Graphics in Reducing Misperceptions in the Electorate. Paper presented at the ICA 2013 Conference, London, UK.

Yuran, D. (2013, April). The Point of No Return: Belarusian Audience Refusal to Use Western Broadcast Media after Exposure to Their Content. Paper presented at the Central & East European Communication & Media Conference, Kaunas, LT.

Yuran, D. (2012, May). Public Confidence in Social Institutions and Media Coverage: A Case of Belarus. Paper presented at the AAPOR 67th Annual Conference, Orlando, FL.

Selected Non-Peer-Reviewed Publications

Yuran, D. (2020, Fall). Why truth is not all that matters: Misinformation, self-deception and social pressures.The Common Ground, 2(2), 14-17.
Yuran, D. (2019, Fall). One big question: Do I fake my own news? Florida Tech Magazine, 28(2), 6.

Recognition & Awards

Top Intercultural Communication Division research paper at the 2020 International Communication Association’s Annual Conference, May 2020

Florida Tech College of Psychology and Liberal Arts Faculty Research and Scholarship Grant, Spring 2019

The University of Tennessee Athletic Department ESPN Graduate Student Award for Incoming Doctoral Students, August 2011


As Dr. Yuran is working to advance our understanding of the relationship between news organizations, incorporated and independently owned, and their audience, his primary focus at the moment is on the motivation behind news coverage choices in modern newsrooms.

Dr. Yuran also continues several other lines of research, including his inquiries into media and communication effects, including those by nontraditional agenda-setters, such as think tanks. A current project investigates potential effects of American political discourse on international students in the country, another looks at how Belarusian people, authorities, and news media differ in their understanding of key democratic institutions and relationships.