Financial Aid

Financial Aid

Undergraduate Expenses

The estimated cost of college for your undergraduate education at Florida Tech will depend on whether you are a newly admitted or currently enrolled student or a prospective/future student. For example, Florida Tech has a two-year residency requirement for first-time students that limits their initial housing and meal plan options.

For the most accurate estimate of your undergraduate cost of college choose the option that best fits your current status.

Florida Tech Students

Students choosing this option are expected to have filed the FAFSA and received a financial aid award package from Florida Tech.

  • Student Cost Estimator
    • Total cost of college worksheet for newly admitted or currently enrolled degree-seeking students..

Prospective Students

Prospective, full-time, first-time-in-college, U.S. students should choose this option.  It will provide you a highly accurate estimate of Florida Tech's cost of attendance and the financial aid potentially available to you.  The data you will see is based on academic year 2017-2018 costs, 2017-2018 financial aid policy, and the information you enter about your family, your financial status and the student's academic plan.

  • Net Price Calculator 
    • Questionnaire designed to help prospective students and their families get a head start on their financial planning for college.
  • The Net Price Calculator is for you if…
    • You are a prospective first-time college student from the U.S.
    • You have not yet filed the FAFSA or received a financial aid award letter
    • You are early in the admissions process and you want a good idea of what your education will cost after financial aid

The Net Price Calculator is not the FAFSA or a substitute for the FAFSA.