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Office of Financial Services

Procurement Card Frequently Asked Questions



  • Why was the procurement card program implemented?
    • To provide individuals with a widely accepted method of ordering small dollar items. Individuals will now have another choice beyond the purchase order and petty cash options. The University individuals are required to use the procurement card for their purchases $5,000.00 or less (including shipping and handling). Procurement Services is encouraging individuals to place orders using the procurement card.
  • How are additional procurement cards obtained?
  • How long will it take to receive the procurement card?
    • Typically 2-3 business days from when Procurement Services is able to process the application.
  • Can the procurement card be used for personal purchases if the department's account is reimbursed for the charges?
  • What do I do if my card is lost or stolen?
    • Notify Bank of America at 1-888-449-2273. The department manager and individual is responsible for any and all unauthorized use. Please also email a notification to

Ordering / Use

  • Can a procurement card be used for car rentals?
    • Yes.
  • Can a procurement card be used to purchase gift cards?
    • Our current policy does not prohibit the purchase of gift cards. When purchasing gift cards, please fill out the Gift Card Log and the Gift Card Statement of Responsibility  and submit completed forms to  Wendy Murrell in the Office of the Controller at. 


  • Do departments have the option of requesting the University's Receiving personnel to pick up their purchases from local vendors ?
    • No. Cardholders must pick up their purchase or have it delivered directly to their office.
  • If no one is in the office to sign for a shipment, what happens?
    • The package carriers will make two more attempts to deliver, then it is returned to the vendor.
  • What if the carton is crushed, ripped, wet, or rattles?
    • Note the condition of the shipment on the delivery slip you are signing, then call the vendor to make a claim. Save the carton, contents, and paperwork for inspection.


Procurement Card Suspension or Revocation

  • Could I lose my procurement card privileges?
    • Yes if you violate the Pcard Rules and Guidelines your card can be revoked.
  • Under what circumstances would my procurement card be taken away?