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First & Second Year Experience

FSYE Advisors By Major

FSYE Advisors provide academic advising to all full-time, main-campus students who enter the university with less than 60 credit hours. Students who enter with 0-29 credit hours will work with an FSYE advisor for four consecutive semesters. Students who enter with 30-59 credit hours will work with an FSYE advisor for two consecutive semesters. Students will work with the same advisor during their time with FSYE and then transition to a faculty advisor for the remainder of their undergraduate careers.

Once you identify your FSYE advisor, visit our Staff page for their contact information.



Accounting Chris          (A-I) Barbara    (J-Z)
Aeronautical Science- flight or non-flight Chris          (A-I) Barbara    (J-Z)
Aerospace Engineering Lori             (A-K) Ashley      (L-Z)
Applied Behavior Analysis Chris          (A-I) Barbara    (J-Z)
Astrobiology Susan        (A-K) Shakira     (L-Z)
Astronomy and Astrophysics Susan        (A-K) Shakira     (L-Z)
Aviation Management- flight or non-flight Chris         (A-I) Barbara    (J-Z)
Aviation Meteorology- flight or non-flight Chris         (A-I) Barbara    (J-Z)
Biochemistry Susan       (A-K) Shakira     (L-Z)
Biomathematics Susan       (A-K) Shakira     (L-Z)
Biomedical Engineering Susan       (A-K) Shakira     (L-Z)
Biomedical Science Susan       (A-K) Shakira     (L-Z)
Business Administration- all concentrations Chris        (A-I) Barbara    (J-Z)
Business & Environmental Studies Chris        (A-I) Barbara    (J-Z)
Chemical Engineering Susan      (A-K) Shakira     (L-Z)
Chemistry- General, Premedical, or Research Susan      (A-K) Shakira     (L-Z)
Civil Engineering Susan      (A-K) Shakira     (L-Z)
Computer Science Patricia   (A-K) Dia'             (L-Z)
Computering Engineering Patricia   (A-K) Dia'             (L-Z)
Construction Management Susan       (A-K) Shakira     (L-Z)
Electrical Engineering Patricia   (A-K) Dia'             (L-Z)
Environmental Science Patricia   (A-K) Dia'             (L-Z)
Finance Chris        (A-I) Barbara    (J-Z)
Fisheries & Aquaculture Patricia   (A-K) Dia'             (L-Z)
Forensic Psychology Chris        (A-I) Barbara    (J-Z)
General Biology Patricia   (A-K) Dia'             (L-Z)
General Engineering Patricia   (A-K) Dia'             (L-Z)
General Science Patricia   (A-K) Dia'             (L-Z)
General Studies Patricia   (A-K) Dia'             (L-Z)
Genomics & Molecular Genetics Susan       (A-K) Shakira     (L-Z)
Human Factors & Safety- flight or non-flight Chris        (A-I) Barbara    (J-Z)
Humanities Chris        (A-I) Barbara    (J-Z)
Information Systems Chris        (A-I) Barbara    (J-Z)
Interdisciplinary Science Susan       (A-K) Shakira     (L-Z)
Marine Biology Patricia   (A-K) Dia'             (L-Z)
Marine Conservation Patricia   (A-K) Dia'             (L-Z)
Math Sciences- Applied Mathematics Susan       (A-K) Shakira     (L-Z)
Mechanical Engineering Lori           (A-K) Ashley       (L-Z)
Meteorology Patricia   (A-K) Dia'             (L-Z)
Multiplatform Journalism Chris        (A-I) Barbara    (J-Z)
Ocean Engineering Patricia   (A-K) Dia'             (L-Z)
Oceanography Patricia   (A-K) Dia'             (L-Z)
Physics- Premedical Physics Susan       (A-K) Shakira     (L-Z)
Planetary Science Susan       (A-K) Shakira     (L-Z)
Psychology- B.A. or B.S. Chris        (A-I) Barbara    (J-Z)
Software Engineering Patricia   (A-K) Dia'             (L-Z)
Strategic Communication Chris        (A-I) Barbara    (J-Z)
Sustainability Studies Patricia   (A-K) Dia'             (L-Z)