FYE Advisors By Major

FYE Advisors provide academic advising to all full-time, main-campus students who enter the university with less than 30 credit hours. Students who enter with 0-29 credit hours will work with an FYE advisor for two consecutive semesters and will be transitioned to their faculty advisor during that second semester. 

Once you identify your FYE advisor, visit our staff page for their contact information.

Accounting Shakira Guice
Aeronautical Science- flight or non-flight Chris Finn
Aerospace Engineering Shakira Guice
Applied Behavior Analysis Chris Finn
Astrobiology Shakira Guice
Astronomy and Astrophysics Shakira Guice
Aviation Management- flight or non-flight Chris Finn
Aviation Meteorology- flight or non-flight Chris Finn
Biochemistry Susan Meeler
Biomathematics Shakira Guice
Biomedical Engineering Susan Meeler
Biomedical Science Susan Meeler
Business Administration- all concentrations Shakira Guice
Business & Environmental Studies Shakira Guice
Chemical Engineering Susan Meeler
Chemistry- General, Premedical, or Research Susan Meeler
Civil Engineering Susan Meeler
Computering Engineering John Cornett 
Computer Science John Cornett  
Construction Management Susan Meeler
Electrical Engineering John Cornett  
Environmental Science John Cornett  
Finance Shakira Guice
Forensic Psychology Chris Finn
General Biology John Cornett  
General Engineering Susan Meeler
General Science Susan Meeler
General Studies Chris Finn
Genomics & Molecular Genetics Susan Meeler
Human Factors & Safety- flight or non-flight Chris Finn
Humanities Chris Finn
Information Systems Shakira Guice
Interdisciplinary Science Shakira Guice
Marine Biology John Cornett  
Marine Conservation John Cornett  
Mathematical Sciences- Applied Mathematics Shakira Guice
Mechanical Engineering Susan Meeler
Meteorology John Cornett  
Multiplatform Journalism Chris Finn
Ocean Engineering John Cornett  
Oceanography John Cornett  
Physics- Premedical Physics Shakira Guice
Planetary Science Shakira Guice
Psychology- B.A. or B.S. Chris Finn
Software Engineering John Cornett  
Strategic Communication Chris Finn
Sustainability Studies John Cornett