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Freshman Admissions

What Does Florida Tech Cost?

Florida Tech Chinese clockIt varies for everyone. The average tuition owed by first-year, full-time Florida students is $4,687 per semester. For first-year, full-time out-of-state students, the average tuition owed is $10,427 per semester.

As you can see in the averages above, cost depends in part on where you’re from. Does Florida Tech charge more for out-of-state students? As a private university, no. But Florida residents are eligible for Florida state aid—and that aid ultimately reduces their tuition costs.

Also, because tuition is slightly different for STEM students than it is for business, psychology, aeronautics and liberal arts students, a student's tuition costs also depend in part on the program you choose to pursue.

Are you the son or daughter of a Florida Tech alumnus? Are you a veteran? Interested in ROTC? Transfer student? Bringing external funding with you? Your answers to all of these questions can impact how much tuition you will be responsible for upon enrolling at Florida Tech.

The most significant factor in determining what Florida Tech will cost is the total financial aid package for which you're eligible. With a combination of academic scholarships, need-based grants and loans, you may be surprised by how much you tuition will be discounted, and how affordable your Florida Tech education can be.

Keep this in mind: 94% of Florida Tech students pay less than the listed tuition and fees—and most pay significantly less.

So, what does Florida Tech really cost?

The best and most accurate way to know how much tuition you will be asked to pay to attend Florida Tech will be to apply for admission and to file your FAFSA. Your application for admission doubles as your application for merit awards of up to 50% off tuition, and completing the FAFSA will tell us your eligibility for need-based aid.

Once you’ve taken care of these two steps, it’s our job to offer you the most comprehensive financial aid package possible.

Let’s see how close we can get you to one of the averages above!