Astrobiological Research And Education Society

Our vision is to be the premier hub for astrobiology and space exploration research for undergraduate students and to educate the public about space sciences.

The purpose of the Astrobiological Research and Education Society is to serve as a collective of scholars within the field of Astrobiology, promote and facilitate scientific research about life beyond Earth's boundaries, and convey developed scientific knowledge to the general public. This includes both the astronomical research of exoplanets with the potential to support life, as well as exo-ecological research of Earth-based organisms and processes that can support human exploration into farther reaches of the cosmos. The purpose of the Charter Chapter is to provide a gathering point for biology-focused scholars within the space sciences independent of, but in fellowship with, presently existing space sciences organizations. The Charter Chapter will lead the promotion of interdisciplinary cooperation between space science scholars and relevant engineers to promote fellowship and further scientific growth.