Warren And Evelyn Foster Scholarship Endowment


General Endowment


$167,673 (2021)

Year Established



Support undergraduate students who are Florida residents and demonstrate a financial need. (GF000017)


This scholarship is chosen by the Director of Financial Aid for students who are Florida residents that demonstrate outstanding academic performance and need financial assistance. All awardees have been full-time students in good academic standing, chosen annually. Preference for this scholarship goes to renewing with the same student until they graduate.


Warren and Evelyn Foster dedicated decades of their time, energy and money to supporting organizations that provide care and opportunities to people in need. They have been named Humanitarians of the Year by Holmes Regional Medical center, in addition to their other philanthropic awards. Although much of their work has focused around the American Cancer Society, the couple made a $50,000 gift to Florida Institute of Technology in April of 1987. The purpose of the endowment has been to support students who are Florida residents with outstanding academic performance in need of financial assistance. The Fosters donated an additional $25,000 to the fund during 2001-2002 in order to pledge for the campaign for a Rising Star.


1989                            Maureen Hayes

                                        Joy Lynn Jackson

                                        Craig Ashapa

1990                            Maureen Hayes

                                        Craig Ashapa

                                        Jamie Queen

                                        Lymari Rivera

1991                            Craig Ashapa

                                        Jamie Queen

                                        Christopher Grigorean

                                        Daniel Luebke


1993                            Jamie Queen

                                        Stacy Cohen

1994                            Raymond Apelado

1995                            Raymond Apelado

                                        Susan Hurd

1996                            Raymond Apelado

                                        Christy Crysler

1997                            Susan Hurd

                                        Christopher Stricklan

1998                            Julaine Kim Taylor

                                        Nicole Emmerling

1999                            Erik Brandt


2001                            Kattie Spivey

2002                            Shayla Fisher

2003                            Roselyn Nelson

2004                            Roselyn Nelson

2005                            Diego Concha

2006                            Nicholas Dean Crouch

2007                            Jennifer Ann Wise

2008                            Jennifer Ann Wise

2009                            Paulina De La Rosa

                                        Donald Troup

2010                            Erich Franz Geisert

                                        Donald Lee Troup

2011                            Erich Franz Geisert

                                        Donald Lee Troup

2012                            Courtney Lynn Treubert

                                         Tania L. Cox

2013                            Stephen Ezra Floyd

                                        Carlo Pierre Fevrius

2014                            Mark Harrison Nanney

                                        Stephen Ezra Floyd

2015                            Elizabeth Marie Orren

                                        Rhonwen June Gavagni

2016                            Rhonwen June Gavagni

                                        Ember-Leigh Wells

2017                            Rhonwen June Gavagni

                                        Ember-Leigh Wells

2018                            Elizabeth Catherine Kurkowski

                                        Kadie Nicole Lombardo

2019                            Shelby Conrad

                                        Shania Suarez

2020                            Matthew Santacroce

                                        Shania Suarez

                                        Shelby Conrad

2021                            Cody Manning

                                        Matthew Santacroce

                                        Shania Suarez