Wachovia Corporation/ First Union National Bank Scholarship


General Endowment


$57,306 (2021)

Year Established



Used for scholarships to support students. (GF000022)


This scholarship was created to support students. It is awarded through the Office of Financial Aid and there is no specific criteria to select the awardees.


In 1989, First Union National Bank pledged $30,000 to Florida Tech over the next five years ($6,000/year). There is no specified criteria to select the awardee but recipients will be selected by the Financial Aid office. In addition, a gift of $5,000 from Wachovia Wells Fargo Foundation was donated in 2009.


1993                            Melissa K. Mouldin


1995                            Conrad Valenty Kotylak

1996                            Lisa H. Breece

1997                            Elizabeth Karsch

1998                            Ryan Mott

1999                            Lisa C. Perschnick

2000                            Lisa C. Perschnick


2002                            Saman Khosravi

2003                            Saman Khosravi

2004                            Saman Khosravi

2005                            John D. Rodgers

2006                            Dana S. Arnouil

2007                            Jennifer A. Johnson

2008                            Jennifer A. Johnson

2009                            Jennifer A. Johnson

2010                            Katherine Ruth Witman

2011                            Shantanu Jain

2012                            Nelson Manuel Martins

2013                            Brian M Folley

2014                            Joseph William Fisher

2015                            Joseph William Fisher

2016                            Joseph William Fisher

2017                            Morgan Tyler Maggard

2018                            Morgan Tyler Maggard

2019                            Derek Amerman

2020                            William Bayo

2021                            William Bayo