Local 810 - Local 875/ Hirsch Memorial Scholarship


General Endowment


$170,119 (2021)

Year Established



Scholarships for qualified children of Local 810 International Brotherhood of Teamsters or if none are available, scholarship to qualified South Brevard high school graduates. (GF000015)


Scholarship will be administered by the Office of Financial Aid. For members - must be a child from a current member or retired member of the Local 810, and must have above-average to excellent high school academic records, and have been accepted to Florida Tech. For non-members - must be a graduate from a South Brevard High School; must have aquired a 3.5 GPA in high school; score of 1000 or higher on SAT; and be in top 15% of graduating class.


The fund was established in 1971 and endowed in 1981 by a local chapter of the Teamsters union in New York. The award recipient must be a child from a current member of the Local 810, and must have above-average to excellent high school academic records, and have been accepted by Florida Tech. If none are qualified, a non-member child can qualify by having graduated from a South Brevard High School, having a 3.5 GPA in high school, score of 1000 or higher on the SAT, and being in the top 15% in their graduating class. If the recipient is a child of a member of Local 810, they receive a full tuition scholarship otherwise for South Brevard graduates it is a partial tuition scholarship.

The Local 875 Pension Fund owned a building in Melbourne, Florida, the Flatiron Building in Melbourne’s downtown area. In 1971, the Local donated the building to Florida Tech. Florida Tech in turn sold the property. In acknowledgment of this gift, Florida Tech placed the down payment and subsequent monthly payments in a fund and proposed to offer fourteen tuition scholarships (one per year) to qualified children of Local 875 members. Apparently, there were no qualified applicants for some years, and the funds remained unused. In November 1979, counsel for the Local advised that it was the Local’s intention to donate to Florida Tech sufficient funds to convert the fourteen one-year scholarships to a single perpetual fund. In 1981, the scholarship award was endowed. The Local 975/Hirsch Memorial Scholarship Endowment was initially reserved for a student enrolled in the School of Science and Engineering, but was later broadened to all majors. In 1998, Local 875 merged into Local 810 of the IBT.


1994                        Natale Meglio
                                    Angela Garrett
                                    Kevin Silver

1995                        Natale Meglio
                                    Michael N. McDonald
                                    Raymond Apelado

1996                        Raymond Apelado
                                    Michael N. McDonald
                                    Aisha Idrees
                                    Natale Meglio

1997                        Natale Meglio

1998                        Natale Meglio

1999                        Natale Meglio



2002                        Ramsey Agarie
                                    Jessica Reid

2003                        Ramsey Agarie
                                    Adam Wayne Brown

2004                        Ramsey Agarie

2005                        Ramsey Agarie

2006                        Ramsey Agarie

2007                        Ramsey Agarie

2008                        Errol Hinkamp

2009                        Griffin Lunn

2010                        Andy Bankert

2011                        Andy Bankert


2013                        Denise Barnes

2014                        Denise Barnes
                                    Brandon Fontaine

2015                        Stephen Nieroda
                                    Summer Nicole Lindsay
                                    Jared Scott

2016                        Matthew Ridley

2017                        Matthew Ridley

2018                        Mohamed Naas
                                    John Linn

2019                        Jaycab Reynoso
                                    John Linn

2020                        Jaycab Reynoso
                                    Xavier Tomei

2021                        Jaycab Reynoso
                                    Xavier Tomei