Marion and Eric Preece Scholarship


General Endowment


$123,539 (2021)

Year Established



Scholarship for female students majoring in Engineering. (GF000031)


Recipient shall be a full-time female student majoring in engineering, except a part-time student may be deemed qualified for the award under special circumstances that prevent full-time study. Student must have reached sophomore status with a GPA of 2.5 or higher, and must be an active member of the Campus Student Section of the Society of Women Engineers. Preference is given to studnets in Electricl Engineering field.


Mr. Raymond Preece and Ms. Betty Preece donated an initial amount of $5,000 in 1995 to create the “Marion and Eric Preece Endowed Scholarship”. They kept contributing in a yearly basis to the fund donating over a total amount of $50,000. The scholarships of the fund are primarily given to female students majoring in engineers. Being a member of the Society of Women Engineers and having over 30 credits are also requirements in order to receive the award.


1997                            Elizabeth Wilson

1998                            Jennifer L. Kolhoff

1999                            Faye M. Tomimbang

2000                            Faye M. Tomimbang

2001                            Christie M. Fowler

                                        Faye M. Tomimbang

2002                            Stephanie Lynn Criss

2003                            Sarah C. Fellie

2004                            Sarah C. Fellie

2005                            Samira C. Noel

2006                            Samantha Silva

2007                            Samantha Silva

2008                            Theresa Childs

2009                            Theresa Childs

2010                            Theresa Childs

2011                            Esther M. Cameron


2013                            Hilary Mae Miller

2014                            Erica Tollett

2015                            Evelyn Viola Maddox

2016                            Dannielle Victoria Goldman

2017                            Dannielle Victoria Goldman

                                        Ahsi Lo

2018                            Ahsi Lo

                                        Kristen J. Jackson

2019                            Ahsi Lo

                                        Rachael Mcmahon

2020                            Jillian Cantieni

                                        Laura Yepez Perez

2021                            Laura Yepez Perez