Marjorie Hayes Scholarship


General Endowment


$962,541 (2021)

Year Established



Provide funds each year for eligible flight students in the College of Aeronautics. (GF000036)


Recipients will be selected by the Office of Financial Aid in conjunction with the College of Aeronautics based on merit and financial need.


Marjorie Hayes, from Washington D.C. always loved the idea of helping people and contributing to the progress of the United States. That is why, in 2007, after meeting with her close friend Paris Michaels, graduate of the College of Aeronautics from Florida Tech, she decided to initially make a $250,000 donation to the college.  She established the scholarship endowment called the Marjorie Hayes Scholarship, which provides funds each year for eligible flight students in the College of Aeronautics, and a flight simulator laboratory (The Marjorie Hayes Simulator Lab) within Florida Institute of Technology Aviation was created to be used by the school’s faculty and students.

Her close friend Michaels stated that “Mrs. Hayes doesn’t just donate to any worthy cause; she invests in America. She views her donation to the College of Aeronautics as an investment in youth and in our students, who will master the future of U.S. global aviation. She credits aviation with contributing immensely to this nation’s progress.”

Before Mrs. Hayes passed away in December 24th, 2011, she made many more financial contributions which are still helping to develop students at Florida Tech.