Wendell H. Colson Scholarship


General Endowment


$116,927 (2021)

Year Established



Scholarships for undergraduate students. (GF000038)


This scholarship is administered by the Office of Financial Aid to full-time students in good academic standing.


In December 1997, Wendell H. Colson made a gift in form of stock valued at $37,343.75 to establish the “Wendell H. Colson Scholarship Endowed Fund”. The F.W. Olin Foundation matched the initial donation. The purpose of the fund is to provide scholarships to full-time undergraduate students in good academic standing.

^ Note: Fund was originally to be called Wendell H. Colson Scholarship Endowed Fund.


1999                            Baron Q. Kalmeyer

                                        Joaquin L. Torres

2000                            Baron Q. Kalmeyer

                                        Joaquin L. Torres

2001                            Baron Q. Kalmeyer

                                        Joaquin L. Torres

2002                            Elliott Bache

2003                            Elliott Bache

2004                            Brian J. Garst

2005                            Brian J. Garst

2006                            Jody T. Danca

2007                            Jody T. Danca

2008                            Justin Treptow

2009                            Justin Treptow

2010                            Christina Boudreau

2011                            Darlene Newland

2012                            Rogelio Gutierrez

2013                            Scott Allen Fuller

2014                            Scott Allen Fuller

2015                            Arion Matthew Gray

2016                            Arion Matthew Gray

2017                            Arion Matthew Gray

2018                            Marcos Noel Joia

2019                            Jason Myre

2020                            Jason Myre

2021                            Emily Milne