Barnes & Noble College Bookstores Inc. Scholarship Endowment


General Endowment


$96,333 (2021)

Year Established



Support scholarships for undergraduate students studying at Florida Tech. (GF000044)


Recipients will be chosen by the Office of Financial Aid. Recipients must be full-time undergraduate students; must be in good academic standing; shall be awarded on the basis of need and merit; preference to renewal with the same student in successive semesters.


In 1998, Barnes and Noble donated $30,000 to create the endowment “Barnes & Noble College Bookstores Inc. Scholarship Endowment”. The gift was match by the F.W. Olin Foundation totaling an amount of $60,000. The fund has provided scholarships to undergraduate students studying in Florida Tech.



2000                            Kari Lynne Miller

                                        Tamara Lavette Baker

2001                            Megan Kim Carey

                                        Michael R. Greco

2002                            Megan Kim Carey

                                        Michael R. Greco

2003                            Megan Kim Carey

                                        Michael R. Greco

2004                            Michael R. Greco

2005                            Michael R. Greco

2006                            Thomas A. Bedran

                                        Ryan R. Tenny

                                        Matthew D. Woods

2007                            Thomas A. Bedran

                                         Ryan R. Tenny

2008                            Dustin Ruck

                                        Ryan R. Tenny

2009                            Dustin Ruck

                                        Ryan R. Tenny

2010                            Jeremy Curry

2011                            Jeremy Curry

2012                            Marie Julia McBride

2013                            Marie Julia McBride

                                        Ashley Maria Kalita

2014                            Marie Julia McBride

                                        Ashley Maria Kalita

2015                            Genevieve P. Beaulieu

                                        Ross Ryan Kelley

2016                            Anil Ronald Rajana

                                        Ross Ryan Kelley

2017                            Ross Ryan Kelley

                                        Roxana Romina Preis

2018                            Roxana Romina Preis

                                        Jason Genio Chiappa

2019                            Jason Chiappa

                                        Samantha Pryor

2020                            Six N. Rideb

                                        Paloma Vela Achu

                                        Marianna Maltsev

                                        Tyler Stokes

2021                            Nicholas Gayle 

If you would like to contribute to this fund, please go to Panther Fund and use the "other" designation to identify that you wish to give to this named endowment fund.