Northrop Grumman Scholarship In Engineering Studies


General Endowment


$162,187 (2021)

Year Established



Scholarships for undergraduate students enrolled in Florida Tech's College of Engineering. (GF000046)


Scholarship recipients must be full-time students enrolled in the College of Engineering and remain in good academic standing. Schoalrships shall be awarded based on need and merit. Preference is given to renewing the scholarship to the same student.


Northrop Grumman Aerospace Systems started this endowment in 1998 at Florida Tech under the name; Northrop Grumman Scholarship in Engineering Studies Endowed Fund. The initial donation was $50,000 in which F.W. Olin Foundation matched it totaling an amount of $100,000. In addition, Northrop Grumman donated $5,000 more to the fund in June 18, 2009.


2000                            John Michael Horn


2002                            Noel G. Plamondon

2003                            Noel G. Plamondon

2004                            Noel G. Plamondon

2005                            Noel G. Plamondon

2006                            Pierce M. Louderback

                                        Christopher V. Maher

2007                            Pierce M. Louderback

                                        Christopher V. Maher

2008                            Pierce M. Louderback

                                        Edward Oyarce

2009                            Keith Johnson

                                        Edward Oyarce

2010                            Keith Johnson

2011                            Keith Johnson

2012                            Justin Andrew Williamson

2013                            Kyle Matthew Eberly

2014                            John Daniel Bocinsky

2015                            John Daniel Bocinsky

2016                            John Daniel Bocinsky

2017                            Lucia Margarita Lopez

2018                            Lucia Margarita Lopez


2020                            Conner Delanoy

2021                            Conner Delanoy                                       

                                        Zachary Gross