Michael And Patricia Scafati Scholarship


General Endowment


$666,220 (2021)

Year Established



Scholarships for undergraduate students studying within Florida Tech's College of Business. (GF000051)


This scholarship is administered by the Office of Financial Aid, selection of recipients is based on need and merit and preference is given to renewing the same students. Recipient must be a full-time undergraduate student; must remain in good academic standing.


Mike Scafati grew up in the Boston area and earned his BA in Political Science from UMass Amherst where he served in the ROTC. His wife, Pat, is from Hadley, Mass (a small town near Amherst). Shortly after proposing to Pat, Mike was called for military service and instead of being sent to Italy as originally anticipated, he was called for service in Viet Nam. He offered Pat the chance to change her mind, but she did not.

Mike spent a year in Viet Nam and afterwards, the military invited him to pick a location to be stationed. He requested “the East Coast” thinking he’d be in the northeast but instead he was stationed in Melbourne, Florida and he taught in Florida Tech’s ROTC program. They liked the area and remained through the late 60’s and early 70’s.

Mike had always wanted to be a financial advisor and did practice interviewing during his military training days toward that goal. Finally, he clipped an ad for recruits at Edwards Financial and two months later, made the call and secured a job launching his career.

Eventually opportunity knocked and he was drawn to St. Louis to work in the main Edwards offices. During his tenure there, he remained through several purchases and retired after 40 years with the company.

Mike has served over two decades on Florida Tech’s Board of Trustees and enjoyed returning to Melbourne where he’d always kept a home. Despite his time in the northeast and the Midwest, he has said that he feels like a native of Melbourne and has seen the community grow and change over time.

Mike and Pat have two children, a boy and a girl, both of whom are in the finance and investment industry.

Together they have funded the Michael and Patricia Scafati Scholarship, one of the largest of Florida Tech’s endowed scholarship funds.


2000                            William J. Hackney

2001                            William J. Hackney

2002                            Daniel Ryan Gish

2003                            Daniel Ryan Gish

2004                            Michael T. Theret

2005                            Glen John

                                        Scott E. Gibb

2006                            Kemble Li Ng

2007                            Kemble Li Ng

2008                            Kemble Li Ng

2009                            Antonio Castillo

                                        Sebastian Moreno

2010                            Errol Isaac

2011                            Nadine Hanafi

                                        Jarrett Van Pelt

2012                            Kraig Charles Clabough

2013                            Kraig Charles Clabough

                                        Daphne Haven Laino

2014                            Clay Andrew Myers

                                        Brock Corbin Bontrager

2015                            Desmond Octavious Mangal

                                        Jessica Lynn Sexton

2016                            Desmond Octavious Mangal

                                        Theodora Fotia-Marie Barbour

                                        Jessica Lynn Sexton

                                        Michael Joseph Camilli

2017                            Jerry Lamar Collins

                                        Desmond Octavious Mangal

                                        Theodora Fotia-Marie Barbour

                                        Giancarlo Ojeda Sanjurjo

                                        Michael Joseph Camilli

2018                            Jerry Lamar Collins

                                        Kai Allen Odle

                                        Brittany Elizabeth Bailer

                                        Brandon Michael Gerorge Stern

                                        Amanda Kekic

                                        Yvette Michelle Caswell

2019                            Brittany Bailer

                                        Taylor Greene

                                        Marcus Farley

                                        Peter Wilkins

                                        Gabriel Iocovozzi

                                        Katelyn Jacobsen

2020                            Furaha Merritt

                                        Alexander Burton

                                        Peter Wilkins

                                        Michael Amore

                                        Gabriel Iocovozzi

                                        Dalton Gadapee

2021                            Michael Amore

                                        Alexander Burton

                                        Gabriel Iocovozzi