William And Wendy Potter School Of Business Scholarship


General Endowment


$313,028 (2021)

Year Established



Scholarships for students within the College of Business. (GF000062)


This scholarship is chosen by the College of Business to be used in support of full-time students in the College of Business that show scholastic achievement, leadership qualities, exceptional character, high motivation, and commitment to the community.


In April 26th of 2000, Mr. and Mrs. Potter donated 1900 shares of Titan Corporation stock ($40.25/share) totaling a value of $76,475 to create the “William and Wendy Potter School of Business Endowed Fund”. The gift was matched by the F.W. Olin Foundation in which it arrived to $152,950 by the end of 2000. In 2003, Mr. and Mrs. Potter donated an additional $20,000 to the fund. 


2001                            Amina Bilajac

2002                            Amina Bilajac

2003                            Derek D’Anna

                                        Alice Gorman

2004                            Aliece Marie Gorman


2006                            Carl McNally

2007                            Tanja Cebic

2008                            Tanja Cebic

2009                            Ondrej Holy

                                        John Scott

2010                            Ondrej Holy

2011                            Ondrej Holy

                                        Jarrett Van Pelt

                                        Zhiyun Wang

2012                            Zhiyun Wang

                                        Jaylene Mary Becker

2013                            Danielle M. O'Brien

                                        Bonette Crowe

2014                            Travis J. Harmon

                                        Jennifer Eden Harvey

2015                            Jennifer Ngozi Agbonlahor

2016                            Travis Waninger

                                        Shan Liu

2017                            Kyle Patrick Gawroriski

                                        David James Wilson

                                        Tyler A Zerbato          

2018                            Beau Darmalingum

                                        Jordan Myers

                                        Shannon Rose Kelley

2019                            Allyson McCarron

                                        Rachel Fink

                                        John Nesbitt

2020                            Abigail Keener

                                        Jalia Wheatley

                                        Eric Lang

2021                            Chad Blasius

                                        Rachel Fink                                         

                                        Abigail Keener                                     

                                        Jalia Wheatley