Phebus Family Scholarship Endowment


General Endowment


$745,165 (2021)

Year Established



Award one of more full tuition scholarships to undergraduate students. (GF000057)


Scholarship is to be used for full-time students solely based on merit. Applicants must submit an essay meeting the following criteria listed in the MOU. Potential new recipients of the scholarship will be identified by Admissions and final selection done by the Office of Financial Aid. Preference given to renewing to the same student in successive years provided the student maintains a GPA that qualifies for the Dean's List and student demonstrates involvement in campus activities.


Mr. and Mrs. Phebus donated $200,000 in 1997 to create the endowment called “Phebus Family Scholarship Endowment Fund”. The donation was matched by the F.W Olin Foundation. The purpose of the fund is to award one or more full tuition scholarships to undergraduate students.


2001                            Coleen Olivia Lewis

2002                            Kevin W. Green

2003                            Kevin W. Green

2004                            Kevin W. Green

2005                            Kevin W. Green

2006                            Timothy Robert Lamb

2007                            Timothy Robert Lamb

2008                            Kelly Johansen

2009                            Kelly M. Johansen

2010                            Howard A. Lovejoy

2011                            Howard A. Lovejoy

2012                            Howard A. Lovejoy

2013                            Howard A. Lovejoy

2014                            Kristoffer Daniel Cruz

2015                            Kristoffer Daniel Cruz

2016                            Joseph Michotek

2017                            Devon Dade McMahon

2018                            Shelley Marie Mitchell

                                        Wesley Howell

2019                            Wesley Howell                                      

                                        Michael Heath

2020                            Loghan Ashline

2021                            Loghan Ashline