Squamish Scholarship Endowment


General Endowment


$66,176 (2021)

Year Established



Scholarship support for a student attending Florida Tech. (GF000093)


Recipient must be an undergraduate student, preference given to juniors or seniors; has financial need; have a 3.0 GPA or higher; active Squamish members are particularly encouraged to apply and will be given preference. 


Deborah Heystek graduated from Florida Institute of Technology with a bachelor’s degree in Biology in 1979. She was a software architect at a research institute and defense contractors where she was doing modeling and simulation. However, after a few years, she started her own line of clothing from South African fabrics, which was her dream as an entrepreneur.

Deborah states that her time at Florida Tech was a great experience and it is where she established enduring friendships. She is a member of the alumni board and is active on the Botanical Garden Committee plus serves as an alumni adviser to the Squamish fraternity. For this reason, she created the Squamish Scholarship Endowment, which currently helps fund outstanding and deserving students at Florida Tech. “The Squamish Scholarship has been funded by past and present Squamish Brothers and will serve as a legacy to the organization,” says Heystek.


2019                            Christopher Tinkler and Kaitlin Reed

2020                            Christopher Tinkler

2021                            Christopher Tinkler