Allen S. Henry Presidential Award Endowment


General Endowment


$887,799 (2021)

Year Established



Provide students with financial aid in event of unplanned, unintended, and difficult financial problems (e.g., natural disasters, death in the family, government issues) (GF000124)


Students must have demonstrated financial need and meritorious GPA. Recipients will be chosen by the President upon advice of the University Special Needs Committee.


Allen S. Henry was born on June 18th of 1940, in Oskaloosa, Iowa. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree from the University of Iowa in 1964, he completed his master’s degree in Mechanics in 1968, and in 1971, received a Doctorate in Mechanical Engineering from the same university. Right after, Allen’s professional life started at Collins Radio, a company which worked closely with NASA on the Apollo program. In 1972, he moved to Melbourne Beach, Florida where he began to work at Harris Corporation earning advancement to Engineering Vice President, Vice President/General Manager of Government Communications Systems Division, and President of the Electronic Systems Sector. Allen worked at Harris Corporation until his retirement in 1996. He came out of retirement and, from 1996-2000, was Chairman, CEO, and President of Broadband Communications Products prior to its acquisition by Uniphase Corporation.

Apart from his extraordinary professional career, Allen Henry was a man with a generous and kind spirit. He did not only serve on the Health First Organization Board of Directors, Broadband Communications Products Board of Directors, and Chairman of Trustees at Florida Institute of Technology, he also considerably donated to several philanthropic organizations such as Health First Heart Center, Florida Institute of Technology, Women’s Center of Brevard County, The Sharing Center, United Way, Florida Wildfire Sanctuary, Hacienda Girls Ranch, Project Hunger, Candlelighters, Family Promise, Youth Entity, and Colorado Animal Shelter, among others. Similarly, he fully endowed faculty chairs at the University of Iowa College of Engineering and Florida Institute of Technology College of Engineering.

Allen Henry passed away March 19th, 2019 but will be remembered for his generosity and incredible experience. 


2020                            Ahmed Laarfi and Michael Apau Koramoa