Juanita Neal-Baker Graduate Fellowship


Scholarship / Fellowship


$220,678 (2021)

Year Established



Graduate student fellowship for research and raining in reducing violence toward women and children. (GF000172)


Recipients are chosen by the Dean of the School of Psychology.


Dr. Juanita Neal Baker, Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from University of Illinois, is a Florida limited licensed psychologist and professor emerita at Florida Institute of Technology.

Dr. Baker once said, “I want to do something relevant to people that will make a difference in our lives” and that is what she has been doing her whole life. Before moving to Florida in 1984, she lived in Lahore, Pakistan from 1966-1979, where established a pediatric clinic, was a school psychologist, taught kindergarten and high school art and also psychology at Forman Christian College, and founded the first children’s public library in a community serving more than twelve thousand children.

During the time she served as a professor at Florida Tech, 1984-2007, Dr. Juanita Baker taught different courses on ethics, program evaluation, women’s studies, sexual abuse, and child behavior disorders and psychotherapy. Additionally, her research was focused on sexual abuse, trauma, grieving, depression, abusive parents, and domestic violence. From 1991-2007, she directed a sexual abuse treatment program where she supervised graduate trainees who were not only treating victims of sexual abuse, but also their non-offending caregivers, siblings, and offenders.

In 2012, Dr. Baker along with Dr. Sarah Weinstein-Arnett, ’10 Psy.D., started the innovative project Psychology Science Minute (PSM) where they posted one-minute-long informative videos for public access and education covering meaningful topics in psychology.


2020-2021         Audryn Saporiti Andreoli

2019-2020         Audryn Saporiti Andreoli 

2018-2019         Brianna Mae Brandon

2017-2018         Brianna Mae Brandon

2016-2017         Keara Washington

2015-2016         Mary Katherine Miller, Keara Washington

2014-2015         Kathryn Ann Fleming Hanson, Mary Katherine Miller

2013-2014         Kathryn Ann Fleming Hanson

2012-2013         Kathryn Ann Fleming Hanson

2011-2012         Laurence Leigh Pass, Cory Austin Safra 

2010-2011         Adrianne V Nelson, Laurence Leigh Pass 

2009-2010         Erica Lynn Johnson, Lindsay Marie Atkins

2008-2009         Maria F Rheaume-Maloy, Monica L Cline 

2007-2008         Maria F Rheaume-Maloy, Monica L Cline 

2006-2007        Katherine Anne Gifford, Blaise Vito Amendolace, Aimee Ellen Booth, Jill Corine Nicolino

2005-2006        Amy Gammon Buckett, Ashley Laureen Franklin, Jill Corine Nicolino 

2004-2005        Michelle Louise Prell, Joy A Mobley, Claire E Blankemeier 

2003-2004        Rachel E Russell, Marcia Tilson Norman, Yolanda Nicole Brannon 

2002-2003        Gwen Irene Grant