Susan Galos Eason Memorial Scholarship


General Endowment


$51,735 (2021)

Year Established



Support a female flight student enrolled in the College of Aeronautics. (GF000016)


Recipient must be a female student enrolled in the College of Aeronautics.


On November 27, 1985, Susan Eason, age 24, a recent Florida Institute of Technology graduate, died when a plane she was co-piloting crashed in East Greenwich, Rhode Island while on route from Morristown, New Jersey to Providence, Rhode Island. Susan was a commercial pilot who held multiengine and airline transport ratings. She was employed for the previous year as a pilot and flight instructor for Northeast Airways in Morristown. Before that, she had been employed by Hyannis Aviation in Massachusetts as a pilot flying scenic flights over the Bar Harbor, Maine area.

In her memory, numerous friends and family donated support to establish the Susan Galos-Eason Memorial Scholarship. Since 1992, the fund has supported scholarships for female flight students, enrolled at the Florida Institute of Technology College of Aeronautics, who have achieved academic distinction.


1988                            Noreen Ryan

1989                            Terri A. Yackle

1990                            Cynthia A. Evans

                                        Beth Ann Anderson




1994                            Selina Aldahondo

                                        Catherine Schulz

1995                            Ruth Dudley

                                        Carol Ann Tillema

                                        Stacey S. Waterman

                                        Amahemid Centeno

                                        Brooks A. Whitney

1996                            Amahemid Centeno

                                        Ruth Ladd

                                        Stacey Waterman

1997                            Carol A. Seward

                                        Brooks A. Whitney

                                        Katherine S. Jones

                                        Michaele C. Desmond

1998                            Popo Myat Tin

1999                            Eliane Grayer

2000                            Lisa D. Noel

2001                            Popo Myat Tin

2002                            Saundra Manzie

                                        Angela Jennings

2003                            Janel Dickens

2004                            Selamawit Firdaweke

2005                            Selamawit Firdaweke

2006                            Mikaela Noel Lunday

                                        Yergalem Shitaye Wedila

2007                            Mary Allison Navia

2008                            Amanda Lovejoy

2009                            Amanda Lovejoy

2010                            Jordyn Agostini

2011                            Jordyn Agostini

2012                            Larissa Fernandez

2013                            Katelyn Bobalik

2014                            Jillian Margaret Reeves

2015                            Courtney Angelle Arceneaux

2016                            Courtney Arceneaux

                                        Manuela Cortes

2017                            Courtney Arceneaux

                                        Manuela Cortes

2018                            McKenzie Krutsinger

2019                            Lauren Buford

2020                            Michaela Salazar

2021                            Yarisse Adorno Oyola