Dr. Kerry B. Clark Scholarship


General Endowment


$152,956 (2021)

Year Established



Scholarship awarded annually to a student majoring in Marine Biology. (GF000055)


In memory of Dr. Kerry B. Clark, a Florida Tech professor of biological sciences, this scholarship is awarded annually to a student majoring in Marine Biology whose dedication and high academic achievement give promise of an outstanding career in the field.


Kerry Bruce Clark was born in 1945 and began his career at Florida Institute of Technology in 1971 where he worked as an assistant professor, rising through the ranks to professor of biological sciences, and served as associate department head for graduate programs.

During his career, Dr. Clark established the foundations for the marine biology program and was of huge influence in establishing the department’s museum which houses specimens for both teaching and research. He published several articles in the area of opisthobranches biodiversity, reproduction, systematics, and algal symbiosis. Also, he described and named four new molluscan species and one new echinoderm species, plus he authored the award-winning CD-ROM “METAZOA” dealing with the exploration of invertebrate zoology, the proceeds of which he unselfishly used to purchase and upgrade equipment in the computer lab at Florida Institute of Technology.

Aside from being a member of multiple national and international societies, in 1991 and 1992, Dr. Clark received the Faculty Excellence Award for teaching, and in 1996, he was named a fellow by the American Association for the Advancement of Science in honor of his work documenting rare species of sea slugs. He served the university in many capacities and was the departmental member of the Graduate Council.

Dr. Clark was highly respected by both students and faculty. He was not only a mentor and a role model, he was also an outstanding example of a truly innovative, engaging and empowering teaching professor. He had a vast love of nature and broad knowledge. He was always excited to share. He died in 1999, but his memory will be remembered by all the people he helped, from family and friends to colleagues. 


2019   Erin Casellas

2020   Nicolette Murphey and Mason Thurman

2021   Christian Pagel