Douglas M. Schuler Scholarship


General Endowment


$45,420 (2021)

Year Established



Scholarship for undergraduates in the College of Engineering. (GF000214)


The Electrical and Computer Engineering Department Head will select a recipient based on financial need, with name provided to the Office of Financial Aid for approval.


Doug Schuler is a senior control engineer and computer control specialist for Westinghouse Corp. in Canton, Massachusetts. He has worked on projects in the United States, Canada, Algeria and now China, where next generation nuclear plants are being constructed.

A College of Engineering graduate, Schuler earned his degree in electrical engineering in 1972, and in 2013 established the Douglas M. Schuler Endowment to provide scholarships to electrical and computer engineer majors. He has invested in senior design projects and is a major donor to the Student Design Center, providing funds for equipment. He currently resides in the Boston area.


2018                Anderson Goncalves

2019                Anderson Goncalves