The Gary and Kerry Barronette Grant Emergency Scholarship Fund


General Endowment


$74,855 (2021)

Year Established



Support one or more scholarships for any student who may have financial needs that put them at risk of completing their academic program at Florida Tech. (GF000204)


This award is made by the President of the University to a student that has emergency financial need. The student may be identified by any staff or faculty who becomes aware that changed circumstances have put the student at risk of not being able to complete their education at Florida Tech. If no award is made in a given year, the President may either grow the fund or award the income in a later year.


Gary Grant joined Florida Tech in 2017 to serve as the VP for Development. Kerry Grant, his wife, purchased a ticket for the annual Chopper Dropper event and that ticket won the grand prize. Gary and Kerry invited the President to use the funds however he wished. President McCay created this endowed fund.

Gary grew up on Long Island NY and after graduating from the University of Chicago, he worked for that institution as Associate Dean for External Affairs in the social work school and  for the Medical Center. He was VP for Development for the University of North Texas Health Science Center and for Washington College before coming to Florida Tech.

Kerry Grant grew up in Kingston, Jamaica and taught High School math for several decades, including at the Lab School for the University of Chicago.

In setting up this fund, Gary said he was delighted by Dr. McCay's decision because he himself benefitted from a similar fund when he was in college and his parents lost their home to a fire. He was always grateful that his university found sufficient money to cover the lost income and allow him to graduate and he hopes this fund will similarly help others in need at Florida Tech.