Junda Lin Marine Biology Professorship


Professorship / Research Fund


$5,000 (2021)

Year Established



To support a professor in marine science


To support a professor who has achieved great distinction in the area of marine science and to honor Dr. Junda Lin who had a passion for teaching and research. The Junda Lin Marine Biology Professorship will recognize the quality, productivity, and importance of Professor Lin's research and the indelible mark he has made on students, colleagues and the university.


Dr. Junda Lin

Dr. Junda Lin, 55, born on March 16, 1960 in China,
passed away Wednesday, March 2, 2016.
Survived by his wife, Fanghua Wang, and sons, Kurt, and Kyle.

Dr. Junda Lin was a Professor of Biological Sciences at the Florida Institute of Technology and the Director of the Institute for Marine Research (IMR). The IMR was designed to coordinate the management of shared marine facilities in the university, including the Vero Beach Marine Laboratory and the Evinrude Marine Operations Center. The IMR also encouraged inter-disciplinary research and integrates marine related activities with external governmental and non-governmental institutions, foundations, agencies and industry.

Dr. Lin’s Lab focused on the development of aquaculture technology for marine ornamental species to offset and replace wild collection. Extensive and destructive collection of these animals can directly deplete the target species that is already under threat from habitat loss or degradation and can indirectly damage the delicate coral reef ecosystem. Aquaculture of marine ornamental species is recognized as a viable alternative to wild collection. Dr. Lin’s lab studied the basic biological processes of several shellfish and fish species, evaluated their aquaculture potential, and developed cultivation technology.

Dr. Lin has mentored dozens of undergraduate and graduate students in the field of ornamental aquaculture including many in the marine ornamental trade and MASNA. His legacy will live on through the people he has inspired.

Professional positions:

Professor, Florida Tech, 2002-2016
Associate Professor, Florida Tech, 1996-2002
Assistant Professor, Florida Tech, 1991-1996
Biostatistician, Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, 1990-1991
Postdoctoral Fellow, Smithsonian Environmental Research Center, 1989-1990

Board of Directors, World Aquaculture Society, 2008-2011
Associate Editor, Journal of World Aquaculture, 2003-2016
Editorial Board, Journal of Shellfish Research, 2008-2016