The Society of Automotive Engineers


The Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) at Florida Tech has the objective to supply students with a hands-on automotive related project that will test their engineering knowledge and ingenuity. There are currently four cars being built under the SAE club: Baja, Drag, Formula, and Formula Electric. Each car faces different challenges yet require the same amount of dedication and work. All teams recruit students starting from their freshman year to expose them to applied engineering as soon as possible. In addition, we are the most interdisciplinary project on campus with students ranging from mechanical and aerospace engineering to marketing and entrepreneurship.

SAE is widely recognized by students and professionals around the world for its ability to bring great minds together. In many cases, involvement in this project will help our students land internships and jobs due to its reputation. To build a competitive racecar, teams are required to use the knowledge learned in and outside of class. This includes communication, research, design, manufacturing, marketing and racing. By donating to our club, you will be directly supporting our teams in building our cars and sending us to competitions around the country.

The design and manufacturing of these vehicles consist of hundreds if not thousands of man-hours. We have been fortunate enough to have access to many of the tools needed to complete this project. Along with these programs we have been given a budget that is only enough to cover the cost of competition registration. Since we are required to start these projects from scratch each year, our greatest limitation is our monetary funds. With this being said, we greatly rely on sponsorships and donations to fund our vehicles. Your contributions go directly towards financing our drive to create the most competitive vehicle that we can.