Graduate Student Assistantship

Graduate Assistantships are awarded to well-qualified students (GPA, grades etc.), however, not all qualified graduate students will receive assistantships. Normally, Graduate Assistantships are awarded on an academic year basis (Fall-Spring); some are available in the summer terms.

There are two types of Assistantships: Teaching and Research Assistantships.

  • Teaching Assistants (TAs) serve in many roles to help faculty teach both undergraduate and graduate lecture courses and laboratories.
    • First-time TA's must attend and successfully complete the Teaching Assistant Seminar prior to beginning their assignments.
    • In addition, there are specific, additional language proficiency requirements for TAs for whom English is not their home language.
    • TAs must be formally evaluated in writing by their faculty supervisor as a condition for renewal of their award normally once per academic year.
    • These evaluations become a part of the TA's record.
  • Research Assistants (RAs) work with faculty members on scientific and engineering research projects supported by governmental and private sponsors.
    • In many cases, these projects are directly related to the student's thesis or dissertation research.
    • Formal evaluations are not required for RAs.

Both TAs and RAs must maintain appropriate grade point averages (GPAs) and must continue to pursue their full-time graduate studies in their disciplines in order to retain their assistantships.

Contact your offering academic department for more information concerning Teaching and Research Assistantships: