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Graduate Student Assistantship

International Students


Any student whose home language is not English must meet specific English language proficiency requirements to be considered for a graduate student assistantship.

Please note: TOEFL® scores are valid for 2 years. Because language proficiency can change considerably in a relatively short period of time, scores more than 2 years old cannot be reported or verified. Frequently Asked questions, visit http://www.ets.org/toefl/ibt/faq/

Language Requirements for Graduate Assistantships (Graduate Policy 4.11)

International students are eligible for graduate assistantships in some academic units. In addition to specific academic unit requirements for service as a graduate assistant, any student whose home language is not English must pass an English proficiency examination with a minimum score as listed in the table below. Students must also pass the International Teaching Assistant Speaking Assessment (ITASA) to serve as a graduate teaching assistant.. Please click for approved scores on
Language Requirements for Graduate Assistantships.


The International Teaching Assistant Speaking Assessment (ITASA) is an English proficiency test for prospective international teaching assistants.

  • ITASA Score: Pass

For further information on registering for the TOEFL test, and (ITASA) speaking assessment, contact Anushka Boyd, 321-674-8082 at the School of Arts & Communication.