Honors Faculty

College of Aeronautics

Captain Shem Malmquist
AVT 4301: Aviation Safety
Professor Anna Marron
AVM 4201: Aviation Advanced Computer Applications

College Of Engineering And Science Aerospace, Physics And Space Sciences

Aerospace, Physics and Space Sciences

Dr. Marc Baarmand
PHY 1001: Honors Physics 1
Professor Ken Ernandes
AEE 4263: Space Flight Mechanics
Dr. David Harris
PHY 1001: Honors Physics 1
Dr. Daniel Kirk
AEE 2201: Aerospace Fundamentals
Dr. Csaba Palotai
SPS 4045: Physics and Chemistry of Planet Formation
Dr. Jeremy Riousset
PHY 2002: Honors Physics 2

Biomedical and Chemical Engineering and Sciences

Dr. Boris Akhremitchev
CHM 1101: General Chemistry 1
Dr. James Brenner
CHE 3260: Materials Science and Engineering
Dr. Venkat Keshav Chivukula
BME 3030: Biofluid Mechanics; HON 2991: Honors Research Experience 2
Dr. Nasri Nesnas
CHM 2002: Organic Chemistry 2
Dr. Andrew Palmer
BIO 1010: Biological Discovery 1
Dr. Pavithra Pathirathna
CHM 3301: Analytical Chemistry 1
Dr. Jessica Smeltz
CHM 1101: Honors General Chemistry 1; CHM 1102: Honors General Chemistry 2                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

Computer Engineering and Sciences

Dr. Samuel Kozaitis
ECE 1551: Digital Logic
Dr. Khaled Slhoub, Computer Engineering and Sciences
CSE 1002: Fundamentals of Software Development 2

Mathematical Sciences

Dr. Vladislav Bukshtynov
MTH 3200: Honors Differential Equations
Dr. Jewgeni Dshalalow
MTH 4111: Honors Analysis
Dr. Jonathan Goldfarb
MTH 1010: Honors Calculus 1
Dr. Tariel Kiguradze
MTH 1010: Honors Calculus 1
Dr. Cecilia Knoll
MTH 1003: Calculus 2 for Life Sciences
Dr. Kanishka Perera
MTH 4111: Honors Analysis
Dr. Stanley Snelson
MTH 2010: Honors Calculus 3
Dr. Ryan White
MTH 1020: Honors Calculus 2

Ocean Engineering and Marine Sciences

Dr. David Carroll
BIO 2110: Genetics
Dr. Kelli Hunsucker
OCN 1010: Honors Oceanography
Dr. Glenn Miller
Ocean Engineering and Marine Sciences MAR 3410: General Ecology

College Of Psychology And Liberal Arts

School of Arts and Communication

Dr. Andrew Aberdein
HUM 3585: Philosophy of Mathematics
Professor Ingrid Bradley
COM 2223: Honors Science and Technical Communication
Dr. Kevin Burke
MUS 1310: Music Theory
Dr. Melissa Crofton
COM 1102: Writing about Literature, HUM 2212: British Literature and Culture
Professor Rolanda Gallop
COM 2223: Honors Science and Technical Communication
Dr. Jacob Ivey
HUM 2552: Honors Civilization 2
Dr. Lars Jones
HUM 2142: World Art History 2
Dr. Moti Mizrahi
HUM 2551: Honors Ancient and Medieval Philosophy
Dr. Lisa Perdigao
HON 2000: Honors Seminar (Engineering the Body; Space, Time, and Memory)
Dr. Kenneth Pike
HUM 3401: Constitutional Law 1
Dr. Matthew Ruane
HON 2000: Honors Seminar (War and Technology)
Dr. Renee (Nikki) Souris Smith
HUM 2000 and HUM 2001: Honors Seminar (Technology and Civil Liberties); HUM 2052: Civilization II; HUM 2401: Introduction to Law; HUM 2552: Modern and Contemporary Philosophy; HUM 3402: Constitutional Law II
Dr. Angela Tenga
HUM 3279: Monsters in Fiction
Dr. Wanfa Zhang
HUM 2052: Honors Civilization 2

School of Psychology

Dr. Travis Conradt
PSY 4590: Psychology Honors Seminar

Online Education

Dr. Danita Berg
ENC 1101: Composition and Rhetoric